Rysher Highlander Forum July 1996
Welcome to Ryshers July 1996 Highlander: The Series Forum.

As Forum Historian it has been my job to preserve these posts from the first month the forum opened it's doors. First post being June 28, 1996 by Chappy a simple but succint "Adrian Paul's the man".

SPECIAL NOTE: This page has been lovingly restored from as many treasured posts as were recoverable. If a thread you want to peruse is not highlighted with links, that means it was not available during recovery. You will not be able to post new replies or threads, but hopefully you will enjoy taking a stroll down memory lane remembering OR discovering for the first time the glib wit and talent of the original forumlanders. The vast wealth of detailed information and inside scoop was the foundation and sustaining factor in the forum's quality and longevity.

If you find a particular thread that is not available here but you may have stored on your hard drive somewhere, or even in hard copy please feel free to email ME. All contributions gratefully accepted and acknowledged.