Posted by J. Benson on August 22, 1996 at 16:48:39:
In Reply to: Re: 10 MYSTERIES OF HIGHLANDER/Chris & Nate posted by Andrea II on August 02, 1996 at 12:33:29:
Chris and Nate,

I must point out that your "true fan" is just a tad offensive. I'm a fan of Highlander. I own the first three movies (including the director's cut of the second, I must admit), but Highlander rarely airs where I live. Ch. 54 airs it at midnight on Fridays, and sometimes I'm at work, or at a party, and I don't have time to set the tape to record the show. Watching all the episodes does not make you a "true fan". Enjoying the SHOW, and growing concerned about the characters--even hating them, makes you a true fan. I'm a true fan because I think Highlander is a wonderful fantasy show. I think the idea of a bunch of Immortals living forever and deuling to the death between each other is a bit, yes--ROMANTIC! In the End, there Can Be Only One. Let's not harass people who haven't seen every episode. I just say the "UNHOLY ALLIANCE" episodes myself a week ago or so.