Re: Dark Quickenings!

Posted by Liz on August 05, 1996 at 20:56:44:
In Reply to: Re: Dark Quickenings! posted by b.Eaton on August 02, 1996 at 09:47:38:

It certainly seems plausible that whatever good or evil a Quickening provides is simply added to one's existing character, and that a particular dose could tip the balance in either direction. But if that's the norm, why did Joe Dawson react as he did when Duncan and Richie asked him about Dark Quickenings? Joe spoke as if he thought Dark Quickenings were just a superstition. If they were simply another fact of immortality, surely the Watchers would know about them. For that matter, I imagine Connor would have covered the topic with Duncan during his basic training all those years ago.