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The Shaman knew that he had reached his limit after he killed the beatnik (Bryce?) in 1958 and thereafter stoped taking heads. His only alternative would have been to take only good immortals until he had outbalenced the bad in him (sounds like a Friday the Thirteenth sort of curse). When he came across the proverbial Straw That Broke the Camel's Back he knew that he was risking a DK but couldn't stand by and watch the shopkeeper be murdered.  As to the question of Light Quickenings, the issue of DKs was first mentioned in a campfire between Duncan and Ritchie about how Darius went from bad to good because of a LQ. If Darius had continued killing bad immortals instead of quiting the fight he would have returned to his evil ways by restoring his pre-LQ quickening balence. All of us have a good side and a bad side and try to balance this nature every day (how many times have you heard the saying, "nobodys perfect")?

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