Who wants to live forever?

Posted by Crom on July 29, 1996 at 10:52:57

The volume of responses to an Adrian Paul post (30+), suggests that there is shared concern for the future of Highlander. Five seasons (108 shows) is an honorable accomplisment for the series. However, with the departure of Paul, Highlander may now be facing its own "mortality".

But maybe not just yet.Here are some reasons why:

1) EUROPEAN POPULARITY-Highlander might be more popular overseas than stateside. The show is coproduced by europeans and contains extra footage for the foreign markets.

2) SUPER STATIONS-The series is syndicated, but recieves wide exposure via cable networks. The USA network is the most watched cable channel in America. WGN out of Chicago reaches much of the nation.

3) RENAISSANCE-The success of ID4 and THE X-FILES has created a new demand for the genre among networks and hollywood. Many of the new shows (DARK SKIES, PROFILER) produced for the fall schedule, will inevitable fail. A good time to have a quality genre series with a proven track record.

4) WEST ONE WHAT?-Look at Rysher's stable of television series. Highlander may be their only popular offering. Rysher should be reluctant to lose this asset.

5) ETC-The tenth anniv. video release, the animated series for children, the new book anthology, the continued merchandising....O.K i am starting to reach here.

Aye, no series can last forever. But with my sword and head held high... i am still ready for a few more adventures.

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