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 : We were wondering about some of the unexplained elements of Highlander:

A lot of these profound questions have been dealt with earlier in this forum, but they are probably so buried in all the gunk that you'll never find the responses. So let me reiterate on a few and add some comments:

: 1- If immortals heal completely, what about the throat cut of Kallas... after all, one immortal regenerated after being burned at the stake.

I have commented before that the neck appears to be part of the body that does not heal like the other parts. This may relate to their vulnerability to beheading.

: 2- What about all the "knowledge and power" immortals get from the quickening... it is rarely explained.

This has been discussed also. A lot of people (including me) are unclear as to what exactly is transferred in a Quickening.

: 3- Just how is it that immortals know about pre-immortals

Pre-immies put out the same "signal" as immies. They just haven't developed their "reception" capabilities yet.

: 4- Where do they come from? It seems that no immortal really knows who their real parents are (ex: Richie and Duncan were adopted)

Nobody knows. This will probably remain one of the great mysteries of the series (assuming we ignore the bad movie sequels).

: 5- What about all those headless corpses? Hasn't someone taken notice?

We've dealt with this question more than once. Somebody HAS taken notice. There is a big police file on Duncan (nothing proven), and headless corpses are occasionally investigated by the police.

: 6- Do they not fight on holy ground out of immortal honor, or can they not? Is there some force which prevents such a battle? (Even villainous immortals won't take a head on sacred ground)

This has been a controversial question on this forum. Some people believe holy ground can affect the energy of the Quickening in a negative way, whereas others think it's just tradition, as you say.

: 7- Why don't immortals take advantage of technology (ex: guns, tanks, nuclear weapons... haha!) They certainly could.

Your guess is as good as mine.

: 8- Does anybody (like Methos, maybe) know when immortals started being born? (Speaking of which, when are we going to see a Methos flashback???)

I doubt any of them knows. Methos' memory doesn't go back far enough to remember the beginning, and since he's the oldest, then NOBODY knows. And yes, I have been waiting for a Methos flashback too!

: 9- Extremities: A baby or old man who die of natural causes... just how young or old can an immortal be (can you really have a 107-year-old immortal walking around for long)

I wonder if a pre-immie CAN die of "natural causes?" I suspect he/she needs to be killed. But as for young or old, I see no reason why there could not be perpetually immortal babies or very aged ones. What an idea for a story...

: 10- The Prize: all the knowledge and power of all the immortals. Now that you've got it, what then? Are you a walking library, master swordsman, or god? And if boredom sets in and you kill yourself... does it all start again?

That's one to just ponder, I suppose.

: P.S. Does being disinitegrated qualify as decapitation? haha!

Believe it or not, I asked a very similar question earlier (regarding a nuclear explosion)!


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