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Perhaps the rapid healing of the rest of the body permits the neck portion of the immortal to be supported so it doesn't burn off before the fire goes out. I don't know if those fires burnt the victims bodies to ashes or just burned the victims skin and choked them to death.

2 - I remember a quote from Duncan to Ritchie in Eye For an Eye when Ritchie said that the terriorist husband of the immortal Annie deserved to die. Duncan said,"How do you know? Did you get a look at his soul?!" It made me wonder if he was refering to his own experience during a Quicking.

6 - It may be from legends of other immortals or not but nothing is stronger in the history of mankind than the effects of superstition

7 - Kalas killed with a car when he got out of prison. Xavier used poisen gas to disable as well as mortals with guns. Kainus used dogs. They try to be more subtle than tanks and nuclear bombs so they won't be discovered by mortals.

9 - Imagine a child abuser purposely kills his/her baby but it refuses to die (or grow out of diaper smell). What a concept

10 - God is a creator, not just omnipotent but to have all of the memories of the experiences and feelings of all the thousands (millions?) of immortals may be like remembering all of your reincarnations (mortal) and attaining a powerful enlightenment - enough to reach Nirvana