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Posted by Sue K on August 02, 1996 at 21:18:28:
In Reply to: Dark Quickenings! posted by Doctor Who on August 02, 1996 at 09:27:04:
I think the whole concept of Dark Quickenings had to be addressed sooner or later, and while the story Deliverance was interesting, I think it raised more questions than it answered. In this instance, Macleod overloaded due to the immense amount of evil the shaman had in his soul from all the evil he absorbed through his life. Yet, in the case of Duncan, he always makes a point of fighting only those who seek to fight and they are almost always completely evil, why then didn't this happen to him before? Conversly, when an evil immortal takes the head of a good one, why doesn't he or she become good? Sooner or later both sides (good and evil immortals) would have to reach a saturation point. Methos points out to Macleod in this episode that the very fact that the evil Macleod is in a church asking for help is because the quickening from his good psychologist immortal friend brought him there. Thus , if the evil Macloed continued to take "good" immortal heads, he would have quickly righted himself. Anyways this is my first visit to the forum and I have been dying to discuss these types of issues with a fellow fan. I have none around me, please let me know what you think of my questions, thoughts!

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