Chapter 1
The Past of
The Universe

A sparkle in her eye gleamed its way through the darkness of the sky as the rain slowly began to drip its way from the heavens. A single drop of rain dripped ever so slowly down towards the damp, wet marsh as the shower began to increase its intensity. The rain, now very intense, was none alike to the three beings resting on their long adventure to uncover the eternal meaning of life. Their very calm mood created the sudden chill when the intense scream was perceived increasing its pitch from the distance. The scream set off a bustle of creatures that ran throughout the forest desperately trying to escape its wrath. The three had not wanted to waste time dealing with this savage call. The sparkling eyes once again shone its intensity through the concentrated cluster of fog. The young woman slowly rose from the ground, gently brushing her hair from her face. She elegantly strolled towards one of the two other beings, somewhat silently whispering to herself, but yet actually conversing with the other. " Tou, we should leave now. The beast seems to have an extremely high energy level for an earth being. We might have to break a sweat defeating it." she quietly whispered.

" Do not worry, Shia. As soon as Neng gets back from causing his usual trouble with the creatures of Earth we'll leave." Tou, also, quietly replied to her.

" I'm back Tou. Just had to touch up on my techniques before our adventure." Neng quietly said, his voice, almost being overwhelmed by the immense noise caused from the increasing rainfall.

" We're leaving now." Tou quietly said to both of them. " Get rid of your swords now, so we can go." Tou closed his eyes ever so sensitively. He then quickly crossed two of his fingers, and with the other hand quickly struck the top of the fingernails. A gleaming flash of light came from his fingers, and in an instance, the flash was gone along with his blade. He gently opened his eyes. " Are you ready?" He asked the other two.

" Give us a sec." They answered. Both of the two others copying the technique used by Tou in order to cause their swords to disperse. " Ready!" they said, louder than usual. A moment of silence from the party, then a sudden flash. The three bodies shone through the fog by the light of the flash, then the flash gone along with them.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Tokyo, Japan. Mako and Ami sat quietly on the bench of the park in which they were waiting for their lazy, slow friend, Usagi. " Hurry up!" Mako yelled at the slow, blond girl walking up the hill.

" You know…" Usagi started, huffing and puffing " if you run too fast…" pausing again, trying to catch her breath " then you might be all sweaty and smelly…" pausing once again, " when you get to his house, you know?" she finally finished up.

Ami rose from her place in the bench, brushing off the dirt on her overalls. Usagi finally reached the bench in which she fell on the spot where Ami previously sat. " Whew! That was tiring." Usagi said, while she sat herself on the bench.

" You're just lazy!" Mako told her, as Ami chuckled. Ami slowly began to walk down the path that led to "his" house.

" Where are you going Ami?" Mako asked.

" Just remembering "him"." Ami quietly answered.

" I know you miss "him", but you have to face the fact that he left. I'm sorry, but you most of all should know that what happened is not your fault." Mako said, almost non-emotionally to her friend.

" But "he" was so special to me. I couldn't let "him" go just like that." Ami responded.

" Who are those people coming over here?" Usagi pointed out, which was totally out of subject at the time. " Should we go over there, or wait 'till they come here?" she added.

" Let's go over there and see what they want." Mako answered.

She slowly got up from the bench of which she sat on and casually walked over to them, taking her time. Across the field of grass, walking slowly towards the 3 were, Neng, Tou and Shia complete in total black, ninja gi. Neng quietly whispered," Hey Tou, wanna start some shit?"

"With who?" Tou replied.

"Those girls that are coming over here."

"What's your problem? Always startin' trouble with people." Shia telling Neng off.

"I'm at that stage, hehehehehe." Neng quickly replied. They walked at a casual pace towards Mako. "So are we?" Neng asked, repeating himself.

"NO!" Tou, also repeating himself.

Mako met up with them along the paved path that led to "his" house.

" How are you doing, Madam?" Tou politely said.

" Fine, what do you want?" Mako asked.

Tou distracted, tried to look past Mako and was staring at Ami who was leisurely sitting on the bench. "Who is that lovely young lady?" he asked Mako.

"My friend, Ami. What do you want?" she repeated.

" I want to meet her." He answered. He softly pushed Mako out of the way and strolled towards Ami. Mako turned her body around and ran to stop Tou.

"What are you doing?" she yelled, as she ran.

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm going to introduce myself." He responded.

"She has a boyfriend." Mako yelled.

"Where is he then? He should never leave a beauty like her. She's probably intelligent too." Tou assumed.

"Don't you already have a girlfriend over there?" Mako said, as she pointed at Shia who was staring into the sky, observing the clouds.

"She's not my girlfriend, she's my cousin! Neng, Shia let's go."

His voice was heard by both and they disappeared in an instant, reappearing in front of the bench where the other two were sitting. Tou also quickly disappeared out of sight and reappeared in front of the bench. Mako ran towards them, confused on what had just happened.

" How are you, Ami?" Tou politely asked.

" Fine, who are you sir?" she answered.

" Tou, from Los Angeles, California, United States. I would enjoy your company later tonight, if you would care to join me." Tou searched for an answer.

" From L.A. huh? Well, an American boy in Japan. What are the odds of that?" Usagi said, as she "examined" Tou and Neng.

" Judging by your power, you're not from this planet. Sorry if I'm falsely accusing you of being an alien, but by this time you should have observed aliens." Shia said.

" Should we tell them Usagi? They seem to know already," Ami asked.

"No, they're not from where we're from. Obviously by the way they dress and Mamo should know them if they were."

"You don't have to tell us. We know you're from the moon. It's obvious. You are three of the ten legendary Senshi from the Earth's moon." Neng finely pointed out.

"Why do you suppose that we are from the moon?" Ami said, trying to hide their identities.

" It's obvious you are because you look exactly like the princesses of this solar system's planets. You, the brown-haired one is from Jupiter, you, the blond one, the Moon Princess, and the lovely blue haired one, Princess of Mercury." Tou answered.

" What?" all three yelled amazed by the others knowledge of the planets.

" Don't you people take Universal History on this planet?" Neng asked.

" No we don't, only Japanese and World History, but our advisor teaches us about the moon. What planet do you exactly come from?" Ami said confidently, now that she knew that she was talking to someone from the moon or some other planet, much like the Senshi.

" The planet Meo. It's the Earth's mirror planet on the other side of the universe. It's very far away; it took us almost two and a half omnimeters to get to this planet." Tou answered.

"What's a omnimeter?"

"The universal measure of time, and space distance. For about one Earth month 100 million light years space distance is traveled. Basically, it took my two cousins and I two and a half months to get here from Meo, which is 250 million light years away. Get it my darling?" Tou explained.

"Yes, I get it. Are you here for something?"

"We're here for the eternal journey to find the meaning of life. The elders of Meo used to say that Earth was the best planet to help understand life, since Earth was the most complicated planet, having peaceful communities and violent ones. Unlike billions of other planets. Will you help me with something, my darling?"

"What do you mean by complicated planet? This is a peaceful planet who doesn't want to be disturbed." Usagi barged in.

"Why? Are you willing to defend it with your life, or run such as the Senshi of the South?" Neng asked.

"Who is that" Mako asked.

"The Elders of Meo once said that she was one of the four Elemental Senshi, which came before the age of the Planet Senshi. There were North, South, West, and East Senshi. Each contained the power of controlling a certain element. North had water in all its forms, South fire, West power of the planets, much refereed to as Earth to humans, and East air and its forms. In the battle with Xiong, Shoua, Lee and Bao, also from Meo, the Senshi were badly beaten, but were not at full power because South had been scared of Lee who had defeated her in battle a few years before that confrontation. When South returned to the Moon Kingdom, she was released from the Kingdom and she refused to leave, thus executed. The others died in the battle against Xiong and the others. South was the only person ever executed and it was not written in the history books of the Moon Kingdom, but of Meo because of their victory. Meo had details on the entire battle. Xiong and others however are still alive because of the eternal life pool in the Vivo Galaxy." Shia sadly answered.

"Can you tell us how you got here?" Usagi asked, sneakily trying to distract Mako from going to her boyfriend's house, which was pretty far away.

" Sure" Shia said with a smile, the first Tou had seen on her since they had left Meo. Shia was very depressed when her brother, Ryuu, had been killed in the battle with Xiong when Ryuu had defied his command.

"I was commanded by the High Elders to go with Tou and Neng to Earth since they were already going and I had always wanted to meet Lunarians (Moonies) because of the stories about the Senshi. Tou's, Neng's and my parents had been killed a long time ago when the Matrain Gods attacked Meo. Meo had then been taken over by Xiong and his high command of Bao, Shoua and Lee. The Gods killed the High Elders and all after they had defied the universal code by destroying the Eido Galaxy all together with a given reason of leisure activity. We had almost already taken off to Earth, but Xiong had ordered us to stay. My brother, Ryuu, held Xiong off and we left for Earth. He died in the battle."

Usagi had a surprised look on her face. "Wow! That was nice to know." Usagi said, sarcastically. Tou, Neng, and Shia did not care much. They weren't ever going back to Meo any ways. By now Mako had pretty much forgotten about where she had originally set out to go. Usagi stood up and began to walk down the path, which lead to Mako's boyfriend's house.

"Oh! We have to get going now. I'm late for my date." Mako informed. She hurriedly ran down the path, waving goodbye. Usagi picked up her pace trying to keep up. Ami still stood next to Tou and the other two.

"So, Ami where's your boyfriend?" Tou asked.

"He moved." She said quietly.

"I guess you believe in long-distant relationships."

"Sort of."

"Then I'll leave, but will you give me your address?"

"Sure, let me write it down." Ami said. She grabbed a pen out of her pocket and a piece of paper and wrote her address on it. She gladly gave it to Tou. "I hope you come. I really wanna know more about the universe. Bye!" She said and she began to run after the two.

"Bye!" Tou said, smiling. He waved goodbye to her as she faded into the forest.

"Seems like Tou's gotta girlfriend." Neng teased.

"SO! Better than you!" Tou replied. Tou and Shia chuckled at Neng's ignorance.

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