Chapter 7
To The Rescue

"Let's get this over with." Tou said, holding his sword in his right hand, preparing for battle.

"You guys have played around too long. Let's finish this! You should've just attacked at full force instead of playing around like this." Tou scolded them.

"Oh hush up! If you weren't tryin' to get busy, then we would've finished this already!" Neng retaliated.

"Let's just go guys." Shia said, and the 6 of them took their stances for the real battle now. A flying force of 80 more Genocides, and a commander stronger than most of them were waiting for the six on the other side of the battlefield of space.

"Shia! When they rush me and you will do the Black Hole Technique, then Neng, you stay back to heal us. The two Black Holes should take out at least half of them, then V, Kenshou, and Jou you three attack from the rear. Neng as soon as we are healed me and you will attack from the front, and Shia you come from above with your Sword of the Holy Gods, by then there should be a small fleet, and a quite easy one to defeat at that." Tou commanded.

"Ok!" They all said in acknowledgment.

"NOW!" They all said. As quick as a dragonfly, the six burst forward with an aura of ki surrounding their bodies and giving them a burst of speed, each and everyone of their swords dangled from their hands as their speeds exceeded that of the Earth's rotation.

"GO!" A voice said from the other side. V, Kenshou, Neng, and Jou all pulled back as Shia and Tou continued on their course. An enormous amount of Genocides, at least totaling fifty rushed towards the two, with thirty others behind them.

"Shia! Be sure to keep the hold up until these first fifty are sucked in, try to hold yourself up. Don't worry about harming yourself Neng'll heal us." Tou said to Shia.

"Ok." Shia replied.

"NOW!" Tou said as the first fifty darted at the two with their amazing speed and power. Suddenly Tou and Shia had collapsed onto themselves, their chemical makeup completely gone. Millions of microscopic balls flew themselves around in a similar pattern. Instantly one huge hole of energy had formed and its gravity was enormous; it rivaled even that of the largest stars in space. Electrical currents ran throughout the ball, and massive explosions accompanied it. The fifty Genocides were scared to hell, as they soon would be there. A loud boom from the diffusion of several atoms and the ball began its purpose, to draw in the Genocides and destroy them. The first thirty of the fifty quickly fell into its grasp and quite easily were drawn within it. The other twenty began to resist, but were quickly overwhelmed by the mass gravity, most likely three thousand times that of the Earth's. The hole drew all of the first attacks soldiers in, and the other Hmong began to take their action.

"NOW!" V commanded, as she dispersed and reappeared at the rear of the pack of thirty, Kenshou and Jou quickly following her lead. The three quickly destroyed at least a dozen of the unaware Genocides with a few ki blasts from the hands. Neng quickly warped to the Black Hole, which was by now separating into tiny atoms and reforming into the two bodies. The atoms reformed into bodies and quickly they fell on their sides, despite the zero gravity. Neng quickly placed his hands on Tou and Shia's foreheads and a relaxing aura fell upon the two. In moments they were at tip-top condition, and they had quickly warped to the battle. From the front came Tou and Neng, as they warped into the battle scene, their swords came crashing down next to one another, killing the two Genocides who were unaware of the warp. From above came a loud scream, "SWORD OF THE HOLY GODS!!!" Shia placed her sword into the open space, and quickly rushed towards the remaining Genocides with no sword in hand. She placed her hands together as if she were holding her sword and turned them in such a way that the sword would be sideways. Quickly the sword in space mirrored itself, creating another blade on the handle. "STRIKE!!!" Shia yelled, as an enormous energy ball surrounded her and released a colossal amount of electrical surges throughout the ball. She quickly disappeared leaving the ball in a still manner, the Genocides a bit confused. The ball grew immensely larger than a Red Giant star itself, and the blade began to spin in a "atomic" matter. "GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!!" Neng yelled, as the six dispersed from their positions and quickly warped the orb, which held the Senshi away into another galaxy. The ball of Shia's quickly absorbed the remaining planets, and destroyed them before they even came close to the ball. Most of the Milky Way Galaxy was pulled into the ball and had been destroyed. Shia reappeared inside of her ball, and her eyes glowed an evil green, and the ball dispersed back into her sword, and the mirror blade departed. She returned to her normal self.

"GOD DAMN! You're good Shia!" Kenshou said, as the group returned to the now deserted battle.

"Well thanks, but I'm well…." Shia said, then she suddenly fell over on her side, Tou quickly warped over to her, and caught her in his hands. He placed his hand on her forehead and once again healed her.

"I feel better now, thanks Tou. See guys, if you go with Tou he would've taught you something, like my Sword of the Holy God Strike. You guys liked that?" Shia asked.

"It's good, but not good enough to stop me." A mysterious voice from above them said. They all looked up and saw Shoua, the leader of the Genocides. "Do you really think I'm stupid enough to fail with my soldiers? These Genocides are like ants, and so are you rebels. You know what I do to ants? I squash 'em." Shoua said. Suddenly as she finished her sentence an enormous ki blast rushed out of her hands and almost edged Tou and Shia, who were standing next to one another. It flew off into space and an explosion was felt from a far away distance, most likely because of the stray blast.

"Hummppphh!" Tou said, as he turned his head in disgust. "and you're supposed to be a general. MY ASS YOU ARE! You fuckin' liar!" Tou continued.

"Yeah, I know. She's SO damn sorry!" Jou added.

"NO I'M NOT!" Shoua yelled. She released another blast the size of the Earth towards the six beings. It darted itself at an incredible speed towards them quickly, but not quick enough.

"AHHHH…." Neng yawned, and he quickly teleported to another galaxy. The other 5 followed Neng's lead. Moments after the blast had past its supposed destination and destroyed another galaxy, the 6 reappeared to complain about Shoua's bad techniques.

"HAHAHAHA!!!" The 6 burst out in laughter at Shoua's unskilled style of battle, which was actually a technique that the 6 had figured out from the X Generation of rebels. The technique itself was used to distract Shoua by making her lose her temper and cause her to forget her training. The worse thing to happen to a Hmong is to lose their temper, thus losing control. The key to their fighting had never been brute force, but the power and the ability you have to control your mind, body, and soul all at once. Once you had unleashed your fury, and then the body itself would take over, leaving the mind and soul weak. Thus making the Hmong just as strong as a normal Human. Shoua, obviously, had a quick temper, and the X Generation used this to their advantage against her, but she had backup then. Now, though, she didn't and this fight would not last for long, unless she regained calmness.

"This is kind of mean." Shia whispered to Tou, giving a giggle.

"Do you wanna die?" Tou asked her. A second of silence and he began to whisper again, "I didn't think so. Well after she loses full control, then we can just trap her in an energy ball. Just for you ok? God! The things I do to please my cousins." Tou began to complain to himself. "Fuck! Move!" Tou yelled as Shoua flung her blade in between Tou and Shia's small space of conversation. Shoua turned towards the six of them, and was panting heavily and her face was a dashing crimson along the cheeks. Her eyes began to flame; the power within her began to shine through, but still no sense of calmness came upon her. A loud scream of anger rushed from her lungs and traveled throughout the emptiness of space. Once the scream began to die out the eyes of the General flamed once more. True flames began to emerge from her eyes, and the fire within her began to blaze out of control. Her heavy panting began to die down, and she stopped breathing entirely. The blazing eyes of her non-existent anger began to flare up into an inferno of energy. The power she was exerting caused tremendous ruptures in the universe. A vast force of gravity emerged from Shoua and the six warriors began to become drawn in.

"Ummmm…. I don't think she's mad anymore." Jou obviously concluded.

"What the fuck do you think? She's gonna draw us in. The gravity she's letting out is too much for us by ourselves." Kenshou informed them.

"Well then, she looks like she's defenseless right now. Just blast some energy at her and it'll be all over." Neng yelled barely being overheard by the immense winds of at least 100,000 Earth miles per hour. As Neng finished his sentence, Jou released a little ball of energy, which was absorbed by the gravity of Shoua. As it was about to make contact with Shoua, it enlarged and enveloped her inside. The intense gravity had ceased and Shoua had been trapped in Jou's sphere.

"OH DANG! I GOT HER!" Jou yelled in triumph.

"Yeah right! You wish you loser. Just wait until she comes out; she's gonna be pissed at you." Kenshou said.

"Kenshou's right. She's gonna beat the living shit out of you just because you TRIED to trap her in your sphere." Neng said.

"Well she's not coming out yet. Let's hurry and kill her." Jou replied to their comments.

"We can't kill her yet. The sphere is just stopping the suction, not the ki increase." Shia added.

"Shia's right. She's still gathering energy, and she's not gonna stop until she has enough to wipe us out in a second." V stated.

"Tou! What do you think we should do? You're the supposed brains of this battle." Shia asked.

"I figure that one of us takes the Senshi to Chikyuu, and there that person grants the planets return. While that person does that, the others can overflow Shoua with energy." Tou replied.

"That's nice, but what if she Atomic Eruptions?" Neng asked.

"Well, we just have to take that chance then. We can always postpone the granting of the wishes and overflow her then." Tou replied.

"That's sounds right." Jou added.

"Yeah it does, but remember what happened in the X-Generation battle?" V asked. "They had everything under control until Shoua's backup came."

"Yeah, but we're not the X-Generation. And her backup won't even be here. They probably thought that the Genocide Fleet could've taken care of us."

"No we didn't." Two voices said from a distance."

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