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November 2011 -
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Elizabeth Brown Pryor "Cutting Edge--What We Now Know about Robert E. Lee's Decision to Side with the South" Tuesday, November 8, 2011 Reception at 6pm followed by the dinner at 7pm Meeting and Speaker will start at 8pm at the Willow Oaks Country Club, 6228 Forest Hill Avenue Richmond, Virginia 23225 Elizabeth Brown Pryor is a former senior diplomat with the American Foreign Service and an award-winning historian. She is the author of two books about the Civil War era, Clara Barton: Professional Angel (1988), and Reading the Man: A Portrait of Robert E. Lee through His Private Letters (2007). She holds a BA in History from Northwestern and an MA in History from the University of Pennsylvania. After completing five years as an historian with the National Park Service, she entered the U.S. Foreign Service and served in a number of American embassies. She played a key role in negotiating the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe and subsequently served as Director for Arms Control on the National Security Council. In addition to her postings to established embassies, Elizabeth was also part of the small American contingent that served in bombed-out Sarajevo at the conclusion of the war in Bosnia. Before concluding her career in the Foreign Service, she was the Senior Adviser to the Commission on Security and Cooperation of the U.S. Congress. She has been provided unique access to a treasure trove of Robert E. Lee's correspondence discovered in 2002 that forms the basis for her book and for tonight's discussion of the wrenching choices faced by the great American soldier upon Virginia's secession from the Union.
Last Meeting Attendance: October 2011 = 96
A Word from Our President Welcome all RCWRT members to our annual holiday gathering. We have a grand national speaker about Robert E. Lee and a wonderful buffet planned for next Tuesday. It will be a chance to socialize with your fellow members and guests. The officers all wish you a most Happy Holiday and Thanksgiving. See you there. Peace, David Whitehead, Pres. RCWRT
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