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Annual Members Dinner - THURSDAY November 14th 6pm Location: River Dining Room at Willow Oaks Country Club 6228 Forest Hill Avenue Richmond, VA 23225 Menu: Chicken Night Buffet featuring Fried or Baked Chicken Choice of two salads One vegetable Spaghetti Choice of two desserts Cost: $32.00 per person A Cash Bar will be available Dinner Speaker: (speaker/program info below) Mail your checks for the dinner payable to the Richmond Civil War Roundtable and send to my attention: YOUR MONEY HAS TO BE IN TO ART BY TUESDAY 11/12 Art Wingo 1414 Patriot Circle Glen Allen, VA. 23059 "Stonewall Jackson's Wake Up Call at Malvern Hill" by Frank A. O'Reilly Stonewall Jackson followed up one of his most brilliant campaigns-the Valley Campaign-with one of his most dismal: the Seven Days. No one understood that better than Jackson. Faced with illness and physical exhaustion, Jackson collapsed at White Oak Swamp, but then commanded his subordinates to rest, "and see if tomorrow we can do something." The "something" was Malvern Hill, a tragic battle that saw Jackson try to exert himself and brave near death, but all for nothing. We will examine what Jackson did on July 1, 1862-and see if there was anything he could have done differently to change the outcome of the Seven Days' most one-sided affair. Frank's book, The Fredericksburg Campaign: Winter War on the Rappahannock, received a 2003 nomination for the Pulitzer Prize in Letters. Released by LSU Press in December, 2002, it won the 2002 Capital District (Albany, NY) Book Award; the 2003 James I. Robertson, Jr. Book Award; the 2004 Daniel Laney Book Award; and the 2004 Richard Barksdale Harwell Book Award. Frank received both his BA and MA in American History with a concentration on Early American Military History and Civil War Studies. He did his undergraduate work at Washington & Lee University before joining the National Park Service at the Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania National Military Park. Frank worked briefly at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, and then returned to Fredericksburg as an historian in 1990. He is currently the Lead Historian for the battlefields. Frank has written numerous articles on the Civil War and Mexican War for national and international journals; and introductions to quite a few books. He released his first book on the Fredericksburg Campaign titled, Stonewall Jackson at Fredericksburg, in 1993. Frank has appeared in quite a few documentaries, on CSPAN, and has lectured extensively on military history to audiences around the world, from the Pentagon to numerous conferences in the United Kingdom at Oxford. Frank is currently writing a book on the 1862 Battle of Malvern Hill and the Seven Days' Battles around Richmond.
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Message from Our President
By the time you read this, Election Day will have come and gone. In past national elections, Virginia has been identified as a battleground state. By the amount of advertising we've seen in the Richmond area, certainly our community is being hotly contested by Democrats and Republicans. However, in all the ads I've seen this election season, I haven't seen any mentioning a candidate's military experience. In the 19 th century, the lines between politics and the military were frequently blurred. There's not enough space in this newsletter to mention all the men who dabbled in both arenas before and after the Civil War. Certainly success in one field didn't assure similar results in the other. But that didn't stop them from trying. It's always interesting to see the reaction of people with little interest in history when they are told the victorious Confederate commander at the Battle of New Market, John Breckinridge, had served as the Vice President of the United States just four years earlier. At the same time Breckinridge served as V.P., Virginia's governor was Henry Wise. Commissioned a general by Jeff Davis in 1861, Wise isn't remembered for his war exploits as much as he is for his bitter battles with another former governor turned Confederate general, John Floyd. On the Union side, Joshua Chamberlain parlayed the fame he achieved at Gettysburg into four consecutive successful runs for Governor of Maine beginning in 1866. When U.S. Grant was elected President in 1868, he became the first of five Union veterans who would serve as America's commander-in-chief into the 20 th century. Grant, Hayes and Garfield served successively if not always successfully. As I reflect on how divided our country is now, it gives me an understanding of what America in general, and Virginia in particular, must have been going through in 1860 and 1861. Longtime friends who had so much in common found themselves in heated arguments with one another over a bitter political feud. But I'm comforted in knowing that if Virginia is referred to as a battleground state next year, the term will be used figuratively rather than literally. Rob
A Message from our Secretary Andy Keller A vote was held at the regular October meeting on amendments to the RCWRT Constitution which had been published in the September newsletter. The suggestion of the President that they we voted on as a whole was moved by Jack Mountcastle and seconded. The motion was approved unanimously without discussion. Full details will be in the December newsletter. We received one new member in the month of October. Welcome, Charles Bays. Andy
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