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April 26-27, 2005
Gaming Resort and Spa Featuring Slot Machines in Gettysburg.

Slot machines in Gettysburg?
Gambling resort, spa planned for 42 acres near U.S. 30/15
The Gettysburg Times
Drewry's Bluff: Captured Only in Photographs
A Photographic Presentation and Tour
Saturday, June 11, 2005, 8 AM-Noon

The Museum of the Confederacy  will  offer  Drewry's  Bluff:
Captured  Only  in  Photographs,  its  first  in a series of
Navy-related tours, on Saturday, June 11, 8 am-noon.        

The Civil War Confederate fort at Drewry's Bluff,  south  of
Richmond on a bend in the James River, successfully kept the
United States Navy at bay for nearly  three  years  of  war.
Known  as  the Gibraltar of the Confederacy, this 90-ft-high
precipice was home base to the  James  River  Squadron,  the
Confederate  States  Naval  Academy  ship Patrick Henry, and
three companies  of  Confederate  marines.   Federal  forces
never captured Drewry's Bluff.                              

Starting at the Museum, Richmond historian Michael D.  Gorman
will give a presentation featuring "then and now" photos  of
the  famous  Civil  War  site.   Immediately  following  the
presentation, the group will be transported to the fort  for
a  tour  of the photo sites, many of which have been located
only recently.                                              

Cost of this event is $20 for museum  members  and  for  $30
non-members.   Members  bringing a non-member will receive a
$5  discount.   Registration  forms  are  available  in  the
Calendar of Events section of museum's website,

For   more   information,  contact  Vickie  Yates  at  (804)
649-1861, ext.  20 or   Prepayment  required
by May 28.  No refunds.                                     

Saturday April 16, 2005
Mayfield Living History Torch Tours at the Manassas Museum

The Manassas Museum System
9101 Prince William Street
Manassas, Virginia 20110
Contact:  Wendy Comeau, Marketing and Media Coordinator
Phone:  703-368-1873

On Saturday April  16,  2005,  The  Manassas  Museum  System
invites you to step back into Civil War Manassas and explore
the life of a soldier at Mayfield Fort, the  last  remaining
earthwork  fort built by General P.G.T.  Beauregard's troops
in 1861.                                                    

Don't miss this great opportunity to learn about  Civil  War
history!  Sentries will give you the password to gain access
to the torch lit grounds of the fort and you will be invited
to  stroll  among  the soldiers in their encampment, to call
upon the commanding officer in  his  command  tent,  and  to
enlist in the Confederate cause.                            

This  year's  Mayfield  Living  History Torch Tours will run
from 6:00-9:00 PM and will present excellent living  history
interpretations  for both children and adults.  Buses depart
from the museum every half hour with a special 7:00 PM  tour
for kids.  Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for children.

Proceeds  from  this event benefit education programs at The
Manassas     Museum.      Buy     tickets     online      at  or  at  Echoes,  The Manassas Museum
Store located at 9101 Prince  William  Street  in  Old  Town

Sunday, April 4, 2005
Subject: Capitol Civil War Round Table
I am writing on behalf of the Capitol Civil War Round Table.
I want to announce our upcoming program for April 4, '05. We
will have Jeremiah Goulka, author of "The Grand Old  Man  of
Maine,"  speaking  on  Joshua  Chamberlain.   I wonder if it
would be possible to publicize this event to  your  members.
Further  information   can   be   found   on   our  website:

Thank you for your consideration.
Stefan Patejak

Meeting 7:00 - 9:00 PM on the last four Monday nights in November, 2004

University of Richmond offers course on Civil War in Virginia

Sunday, May 2, 2004

Powhatan Civil War Roundtable bus tour of the Peninsula Campaign

Some Items of Interrest:

"Chancellorsville Zoning matter on 3/25/03" (posted 3/13/03)
"Chancellorsville Zoning UPDATE 3/27/03" (posted 3/13/03)
"Longwood University Seminar on 3/29/03" (posted 2/28/03)
"Mosby's Fighting Parson" (posted 12/31/01)

This is a reminder that the Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors will take up the Chancellorsville Zoning matter on March 25. For more information go to: Civil War Preservation Trust - Chancellorsville Page Please help save our battle fields by contacting any or all of the board members listed below.
The current Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors membership is: Battlefield District: Benjamin Pitts, Chair 207 Southgate Avenue Fredericksburg, VA 22408 Home: 540-898-4335 Fax: 540-898-6991 E-mail: Berkeley District: Emmitt Marshall 6411 Marye Road Woodford, VA 22580 Home: 540-582-5381 Fax: 540-582-2365 E-mail: Chancellor District - Vacant Lee Hill District: Mary Lee Carpenter 4220 Mine Road Fredericksburg, VA 22408 Home: 540-898-0708 Fax: 540-898-6375 E-mail: Livingston District: T. C. Waddy 17608 Waddy Lane Orange, VA 22960 Home: 540-854-4043 Fax: 540-854-6086 E-mail: Salem District: Gary Jackson, Vice Chair 540-582-7010 540-582-9308 Fax

Town of Chancellorsville Defeated Rezoaning Request At a March 25 meeting, the Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors unanimously rejected a Northern Virginia developer's request to rezone about 800 acres of land that was part of the Battle of Chancellorsville. Dogwood Development Group had proposed building a number of businesses and almost 2,000 homes as part of a project to be called the Town of Chancellorsville. Following more than seven hours of board discussion and comments from citizens, the supervisors voted 6-0 to deny Dogwood's request. The decision against rezoning is viewed as a substantial victory for several preservation groups that strongly objected to the development.

This item was missed for the 3/2003 News Letter: Longwood University Seminar Appomattox Court House National Historical Park and Longwood University will sponsor their Fourth Annual Civil War Seminar on Saturday, March 29, 2003. The theme of this year's seminar is "The Civil War at Sea." Speakers include Dr. Robert Zaworski (diver on USS Monitor), John V. Quarstein (The CSS Virginia: Sink Before Surrender), Dr. Spencer C. Tucker (Andrew Foote and the War on Western Waters), and Dr. Robert M. Browning (Combined Operations Against Charleston During the Civil War). The seminar will be held in Hull Building Room 132 on the Longwood Campus in Farmville, Virginia. Sessions will begin at 9:30 and end at 4:00. Admission is FREE. Contact Dr. David Coles at 434-395-2220 for additional information.

Subject: Fw: Book: "Mosby's Fighting Parson" From: "Peter A. Brown" Hello: My name is Peter A. Brown; I am Vice-President of Rockbridge CWRT in Lexington, Va. My book: "Mosby's Fighting Parson: The life and times of Sam Chapman" has been recently released by the publisher, Willow Bend Books, Westminister, Md. It is a biography of Samuel Forrer Chapman, a Baptist minister who was the first adjutant of the 43rd Battalion, Virginia Cavalry (Mosby's Rangers) and later commander of Co. E in the 43rd. He was probably Mosby's cloest confidant, especially in the years following the war, and hundreds of letters were exchanged between the two men until Mosby's death in 1916. Using never before published material, including family letters and personal correspondence, new information on Mosby and the interworkings of his command, was obtained. The result is a book "highly recommended" by Virgil Carrington 'Pat" Jones, author of "Ranger Mosby" and "Gray Ghosts and Rebel Raiders" who read the manuscript before his death in 1999; also, William C. "Jack" Davis reviewed the manuscript and his favorable remarks are included along with Jones' on the dj. Sam Chapman was the brother of Lt.-Col. William H. Chapman, Mosby's second-in- command, and new information on the detachment of Rangers which the Chapmans took to the Northern Neck of Virginia in January 1865 is revealed, especially thru war-time letters and of Wm. Chapman. Also, Sam Chapman's personal account of the fight at Front Royal in September 1864, in which six Rangers were captured and executed by Union cavalry, was found in his personal papers, held by a descendant in North Carolina, and is published for the first time. The book is now available in the Richmond area at the Library of Virginia. Cost is $29.95. It is 423 pp, hardbound. with dj, photos, maps, index. (Personally inscribed and autographed copies are available from the author; there is an added charge however for s&h.) Flyers are available from the publisher (1-800-876-6103)or the author. Any questions can be directed to the author at e-mail address: or by phoning (540) 463-5077, in Lexington, Va. Thank you, Pete Brown

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