19-23 July 2000

This gathering is a venue to share data and information on the issue of sex trafficking of women and children from various researches, case studies and individual experiences. It is also a venue to come up with unities and resolutions to effectively address immediate and long-term issues regarding sex trafficking and draw concrete plan in international information and education campaign, policy advocacy and the necessary services which can be extended to the women and children survivors of sex trafficking.

The time has come to unite and stand together to expose and oppose sex-trafficking with the continued increase in the number of sex trafficked Filipino women and children. In a study by ILO, the Philippines topped the list of Southeast Asian nations with the highest number of prostitutes estimated at 600,000.

The conference shall gather 200 women from the USA, Central and Latin America, Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Pacific which will include Filipina migrant workers, members of international women solidarity groups and GABRIELA Philippines regional and sectoral representatives. Women survivors of sex trafficking will also be invited.

The conference aims to:

1. Document data on the sex-trafficking of Filipino women and children based from the sharing as an undertaking to be followed by the other countries and in the near future come up with a macro-data on sex-trafficking in the context of the global economic situation.
2. Further strengthen GABRIELA advocacy work and international solidarity network which will continually work together to expose and oppose sex trafficking and its perpetrators through education and information campaign through the Purple Rose Campaign;
3. Exchange work experiences with women individuals and women's organizations from other countries undertaking campaign against sex trafficking;
4. Draw a complete plan of action on international advocacy - an international education and public information campaign - on the sex trafficking of women and children.
5. Come up with a standard on service component and recommendations in policy-making bodies both locally and internationally.

The conference proper will be held from July 19-21. 2000. Participants are encouraged to arrive on the morning of July 18 to give time for travel to the conference venue. An orientation will be held in the morning of July 19. Workshops and sharing of research results will be accommodated in the afternoon of the 19th and the whole day of the 20th. The 21st shall be allotted to the plenary and conference resolutions. A two day exposure from July 22 to 23 is also part of the conference. Departure for Exposure Areas will be on afternoon of July 21. Participants are expected to return to Manila on the 24th of July. We can make arrangements for longer exposure trips, if so requested, all expenses to be incurred will be paid for by the delegate.

A registration fee of US$250.00 will be collected to cover board and lodging for five days, transportation to and from integration areas and conference kit.

We will keep you posted. For inquiries please write us at






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