25 November 1999

What does Senator Loren Legarda, actress Jacklyn Jose, singer Coritha and media personality Che-Che Lazaro have in common? All these women vowed to join the fight against sex trafficking via the Purple Rose Campaign's Committee of 100.

In time for the commemoration of the International Day of Protest Against Violence Against Women, the women's group GABRIELA will launch tonight the Purple Rose Campaign's Committee of 100.

According to GABRIELA, the Committee of 100 are individuals committed to join the fight against sex trafficking through the Purple Rose Campaign.

Others who signified their support to the campaign are "honorary woman" Senator Raul Roco, Congresswoman Pat Sarenas, actresses Ali Sotto, Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan, Monique Wilson and Malu de Guzman and columnists Rina Jimenez David and Conrado de Quiros.

"The commitment of these concerned individuals to the Purple Rose Campaign is a significant step in the continuing fight of women to end the global sex-trade" said Liza Largoza Maza, GABRIELA secretary general.

"Sex trafficking, especially in this time of grave crisis, has become a lucrative business venture at the expense of poor women and children. It is about time that women and men from all walks of life come together to fight this deplorable crime against Filipino women and children" added Maza.

According to GABRIELA, the "purple rose", unnaturally bred and made exotic for the pleasure and profit of others symbolizes the women victims of sex trafficking. At the same time, the color purple, had symbolized the militant struggle of women against all forms of exploitation and oppression.

The Purple Rose Campaign is also being undertaken by GABRIELA Networks in U.S.A., Canada and in Europe. Part of the campaign is the promotion of the purple rose icon as a symbol of protest against sex trafficking.

The launching of the Committee of 100 will take place this afternoon at 5:30 p.m. at the Environmental Education Center of Miriam College along Katipunan Road in Quezon City.






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