Paskal : Roles

One of Paskal's roles is to launch offensive operations independently via sea, land and air in enemy controlled waters. Paskal were trained to conduct maritime operations such as anti-pirating, anti-ship / oil rigs hijacking.

The security of 30+ oil rigs in Malaysian waters are under the control and responsibility of Paskal. Until now, Paskal had been able to conduct training in almost all of those oil rigs. A consortium of oil company may also support Paskal's operation by contributing financial assistance in buying new weapons and equipment. This has made Paskal as the most sophisticated and well-equipped SOF unit in Malaysia.

The Paskal's missions also consist of beachhead / deep penetrations reconnaissance, demolition and sabotage, but their skills and activity extend beyond that. Paskal can be deploy in securing landingsites for Army's amphibious attacks, attacking top priority ships in enemy harbours, Counter-Terrorist missions (CT) and countermine operations.

Paskal's personnel were also located in man-made offshore stations particularly in Layang-Layang atoll as well as in several RMN's ships. Like other Special Forces units, Paskal requires special type of weapons and equipments such as submachineguns and ammunition that is specifically designed for underwater combat. Another equipment that has been used by Paskal is subskimmer, a high-speed inflatable / collapsible craft that can be converted into to a small 'submarine'. Its crew usually use close-circuit breathing apparatus while remaining in underwater. Subskimmer is the best way to move around without being detected.

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