Paskal : Training

As a Special Forces unit, Paskal's personnel must be mentally and physically agile. Every new trainees are required to undergo 3 months of basic commando training at RMN Lumut Naval Base and then, they will be sent to SWTC (Special Warfare Training Centre), Sungai Udang to experience basic parachuting and diving. Those who passed the grueling training process, will continue to withstand the Advanced First Class training. Paskal's personnel are given specialize courses in several fields such as medical, communications, explosives and electrical / mechanical repairing. They are also required to pass a physical test once for every three months. Among the test conducted:

  • 7.8km running in 24 minutes (below 24 years of age)
  • 1.5km swimming not more than 25 minutes (in swimming pool)
  • 6.4km sea swimming with full combat load in under 120 minutes
  • Free style swimming for 1.5km under 31 minutes
  • Swimming with hands and feet tighten together for about 75m
  • Diving without breathing apparatus for about 50m in depth

Paskal is strongly influenced by the tactics and organization of British Special Boat Section (SBS). Paskal usually trains with GGK as well as US Navy's SEAL, Indonesian Navy's KOPASKA and, of course - SBS. One of the 'problems' that Paskal is facing right now are the very low passing rate of it's trainees. This is particularly because the selection process is so tough, that the passing rate was supposedly 5 - 10% only. As an example, from 100 personnel who undergo the basic commando training, only about 10 of them are qualified and selected to join Paskal.

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