• Many people are walking around in Ghana with devastating but preventable and manageable diseases like High Blood Pressure--with potential complication of Stroke and Sudden Death, and they don't know it.
  • FACT:
  • For economic reasons, most of the people living in Ghana do not seek preventable check ups or see a doctor early enough to treat their illness until it has reached crisis point.
  • FACT:
  • By the time a more financially capable family member, such as yourself is contacted in the USA or somewhere overseas, the illness has become critical; and even when you send money for medical care, there often are other competing needs like for food, children's school fees, etc., so the money doesn't get used for the intended purpose.
    • This year, become a GhanaCare Sponsor and make a wise investment to save the health and life of your relatives left behind in Ghana. A minimum payment of $100 will make your relative a member and guarantee medical care for a whole year.

      When you buy prepaid services for your relatives in Ghana, you select the clinic near their place of residence, but benefits can be obtained at other member hospitals or clinics e.g., a patient who belongs to Lifeland Clinic in Konongo can be referred to Aninwah Medical Center in Kumasi or to Nyaho Clinic in Accra for services not available at Lifeland, or for emergency care when they visit these areas. GhanaCare has expanded to all the regions in Ghana.

      High quality care is provided by conscientious and caring staff. Our doctors have the ability to fax information about complicated medical cases to the USA and Holland and get immediate help on diagnostic and treatment plans.

      Health services that require an additional payment will be billed to the sponsor living abroad.

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    John Pokryfki is Vice President of GhanaCare and Associate of Dr. Tuffuor's who help with GhanaCare Services. He also maintains this page. Mail him.
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