Welcome to Umass Lowell's Indian Student Association

Friends, welcome to our small community of students and few families. The numbers fluctuate depending on the new arrival/departure of students and staff every year. Our association meetings and activities bring in the much needed break in monotony of our lives here. The Purpose of this home page is to share information, thoughts, contacts etc.

The ISA is a student body of around 100 graduate students. The main purpose of ISA is for everyone to get together, exploring and sharing the rich, diverse Indian culture with each other and also to help their fellow beings. ISA is a non-profit organization and it organizes several fun events throughout the year where in anyone who is interested, can attend or even take active participation.. The ISA is funded by the school.

Please feel free to contact anyone of us for any more information. We would be more than happy to share whatever we could offer. We hope that you will find this site helpful. It is still under construction.

We always welcome new members and suggestions for making the organization stronger and to serve better. Please free to send your comments to us at ISA@student.uml.edu.

Thank you.

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A devastating earthquake has rocked Gujrat (India), causing unimaginable damage
University of Masachusetts - Lowell  and ISA- Umass lowell are accepting contributions to help the process of relief efforts
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Last Updated on Feb 4th 2001