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Too Cool! Award by Paws R Us___Paws R Us Award

Subj: Congratulations!
Date: 98-06-07 14:39:35 EDT
From: janp@mail.mem.bellsouth.NOSPAMnet (MemphisJan)
To: bitty.itty@usa.NOSPAMnet

Congratulations !

You've done a GREAT job on your homepage and we're giving you the Paws R US award! A copy of the award is attached. . .Your graphics are great and your content very interesting. You've put a lot of time and effort into your homepage and it shows! Thanks for inviting us to sniff around. . .we enjoyed our visit.

Congratulations again!

Woofs! and Meows!

The Paws R Us Gang & Jan
Paws R Us

Star of Excellence to Itty Bitty the Russian Blue Cat

Subj: Congratulations!
Date: 98-07-21 22:19:37 EDT
From: ewabk@geocities.NOSPAMcom (Ewa K. Cissik)
To: dharmacat@aol.NOSPAMcom (Peter)


Thank you for applying for Lone Star's award! I really enjoyed visiting your site. I can tell that you've put a lot of work into it. You're doing a great job of remembering your beautiful Russian Blue.

The award is attached to this email. Please link it back to Lone Star's site at

Enjoy! and keep up the great work with your site.
Ewa Cissik
Ewa's Humble Abode on the Net
Lupa and Lone Star's Internet Hangout
Come see Lupa, the German Shepherd Dog,
and Lone Star, the Siamese cat!

Maxine and the BratCats Wow Meow Award for Great Sites

Awarded August 16, 1998 by
Maxine and the BratCats


Subj: hi from the meditative cat and her mom & dad
Date: 99-02-21 11:38:21 EST
From: (catanna)

Hi Peter...

Monday and I both thank you for the compliment and for the links! Thanks also for letting us know about your websites. We both enjoyed visiting your tribute to the very photogenic Itty Bitty and would like to present you with both of our feline friendly awards. First, in recognition of your concern for the welfare of animals we're sending you our Sites With Heart Award. Itty Bitty the Russian Blue Cat has been added to the roll of honor at

Sites with Heart -- The Meditative Cats welfare honor roll

And because your website is a such an interesting place for cats and cat lovers, we'd also like to give you our Heavenly Cat Site Award. So you'll also find your site listed at

Heavenly Cat Site Award


We've also added Itty Bitty to our own memorial list at

Society of Meditative Cats Rainbow Bridge Memorial Page

peaceful purrs,

Pat aka CatAnna, John & Monday the meditative cat
"The Meditative Cat"


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