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Itty Bitty June 1990
Itty Bitty
feb. 11, 1990 - april 4, 1998

Welcome! I am Itty Bitty, a real female Russian Blue cat who now lives on in cyberspace. My online home here is an evolving and expanding place with information, resources, links, a newsletter, and opportunities for cat lovers everywhere to find out about me and to interact and share stories about cats with one another and the entire world.

In the picture above, you see me with my friend Ellie the elephant.

Click on the thumbnail photos below to see newly discovered, artful black and white photos of me when I was less than four months old.

Click here for newly scanned black and white portrait
Itty Bitty at age 12 weeks (1990)



Click here for another new black and white photo
Itty Bitty at age 12 weeks (1990)



In the photograph above, I am seen as a kitten (summer 1990) with my older friend Bast, a.k.a. Bastet, a female Abyssinian.

The above photograph is my human companions' current favorite. It shows me enjoying the afternoon sun and fresh air on the rocks outside of my home on Mt. Helix in the spring of 1991. I used to like to spend time outside but my companions, in order to make sure that I wouldn't wander off chasing a bird or some other small prey, always took care to put on my pretty red harness which was attached to a leash.

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Select this link to read a poem, Itty Bitty, the Charismatic Kitty, written by Kathi.

Click here to read Peter and Kathi's Tribute to Itty Bitty originally published May 11, 1998 at the Candle Ceremony Tributes page at

Before you know it, the holidays will be here again. Click here for Season's Greetings - Merry Christmas from Itty Bitty

Itty Goes International  Itty Bitty The Russian Blue Cat now has three international foreign language pages: in French (en francais), in German (auf Deutsch), and in Spanish (en espaņol).

Itty Bitty La Gata Azul Rusa (en espaņol)

Itty Bitty russe bleu le chat (en francais)

Itty Bitty russische blaue Katze (auf Deutsch)

From her new home in cyberspace, Itty Bitty says: "My close human companions, Peter and Kathi, have designed this Web site as an expanding memorial that also provides information and networking resources for cats and their people friends from all over the world. In addition to the features above, there are the Favorite Links below and on the new Itty Bitty Links page, which may be useful and/or entertaining for people who like cats. There is a new Guest Book, and also the Original Archived Tripod Guest Book."

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