11 February 1990 - 4 April 1998

You were a skinny, hyper little kitten;
But at least you didn't bite.
You showed us your gymnastic skills,
Even that very first night.

You silently crept into our hearts,
with your unconditional love;
A champion of serious cuddling,
We could never get enough.

You grew up to be a beautiful girl,
So graceful, lithe and strong,
With emerald green eyes, a silvery plush coat,
And a tail so very long.

Your gymnastic skills evolved,
Climbing curtains, doors and such.
You could catch a ball between your paws,
Turn door knobs with your touch.

You were shy when strangers came around,
Hiding under the bed.
Once you trusted someone, though,
You'd let them pat your head.

You'd nod your head to say hello,
Or say "hi" with your tiny voice.
Staying close to us throughout the day
Was always your very first choice.

You always found the warmest spots
To curl up for a nap,
Under lamps, on computer keyboards,
Or in the middle of our lap.

Our hearts ache for you little one,
Our little baby girl.
Our shoulders are cold and lonely
Where you used to curl.

We think about you every day,
Shed tears for you by night,
And pay tribute to you daily
With the candle light.

You handled life, whether sick or well,
With the greatest of dignity.
Charisma was your middle name,
But we called you Itty Bitty.


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