Itty Bitty the Russian Blue Cat

have cat carrier, will travel!

Itty at the Four Seasons Hotel, Newport Beach, California
Here I am enjoying my room with a view at the Four Seasons Hotel in Newport Beach, California during a visit on the first weekend in April 1997. The Four Seasons Hotel chain is run by very enlightened people who welcome pets as guests. Puma, another member of the household, and I had a very nice time during our stay with our human friends Peter and Kathi.
Itty in the Christmas box 1993
During the Christmas holidays in 1993 I flew to Oregon with Kathi to visit her family at their home, where you see me in this photo exploring a box filled with bright and colorful decorations and gift wrapping paper. My sweater is appropriately color coordinated for the season, too.

Itty on the director's chair
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Itty on the sofa
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