Itty Bitty the Russian Blue Cat

Photos of some of my favorite antics

The photo above should be self explanatory. At my home on Mt. Helix, I often amused myself, and amazed my housemates, by ascending to the curtain rods and balancing myself rather precariously seven feet above the living room floor. Occasionally, I wound up in such high places by necessity after being chased up the curtains by one of the other cats in the household -- all in fun, of course.

"How's the air up there?"
Above is another example of my predilection for high places -- in this case, the top of a door which, despite my young age at the time, I ascended by myself and where I seem to be resting rather comfortably, even meditatively.

Like most Russian Blue cats, I sought out warm spots in the house. Here I am relaxing on the motor compartment of Kathi's treadmill, still toasty after one of her minor workouts.

Thanks to the efforts of friends old and new, more photos of me are being scanned and will be available here soon. Please come back again later to see them!

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