Write your own Rugrats Story. It can be as short or long as you'd like. If your story is chosen, I will correct the spelling as needed. Be sure to include a title. I will pick one story per month. I orginally chose one story per week, but I don't have a much time now...so I changed it to one per month.

Write Your Own Rugrat Story

November 1999 Rugrat Story
"The Pet Store"--By Natalie

October 1999 Rugrat Story
"The Best Fighter"--By Ryan Perreault

September 1999 Rugrat Story
"Rugrats Down Under"--By Lisa Dunham

July's Rugrat Stories:

  1. "Rugrats 1st of July"--By Joanne Dumont (Winner for July 25, 1999)
  2. "Left Out"--By Brittany Mae Ella (Winner for July 18, 1999)
  3. "The Rugrats Fourth of July Celebration"--By Laura (Winner for July 11, 1999)

August's Rugrat Stories:

  1. "Tommy and His Twin"--By Rowan Vidal (Winner for August 13, 1999)
  2. "Tommy's New Brother"--By Danielle Scott (Winner for August 6, 1999)
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