A REVIEW of "Martin of the Movies"*


VARIETY Sept 29, 1965

"This CBS gimmick comedy into its third semester, continues to get fairly good mileage out of the farce plots. Likable, talented leads don’t hurt it either. Most recent (26th) seg offered some engaging satire (and worthy moral to boot) of the film silents via one of those " time machine" returns to Hollywood circa 1925. Favored by the script, vet co-star Bill Bixby took full advantage and delivered nicely as a flamboyant screen idol. Ray Walston, the show’s top liner, is per usual, a solid asset for this vid frolic.

"Review seg also had good efforts from Leon Askin as a Prussian megga, Howard Morton, John Considine, Arlene Martell, and Barbara Perry. The Albert Lewin-Burt Styler yarn was basically thin, of course, but with enough class to merit attention and give the bromides a refurbished look."


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