MY FAVORITE MARTIAN SEASON 3 (in color) (1965-66)

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32 episodes

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The Martian……………Ray Walston

Tim O’Hara…………….Bill Bixby

Mrs. Loralee Brown……Pamela Britton

Detective Bill Brennan…Alan Hewitt

9/12/65 "Go West, Young Martian, Go West" Part I

W: Marty Roth D: David Alexander

Martin has invented a suitcase styled time machine and when Detective Brennan absently hits a switch, Tim and the Martian are sent back to St. Louis Missouri in 1849, with no way to get back to 1965.

(Pamela Britton, Alan Hewitt, Hal Baylor, Ken Mayer, Jeff DeBenning)

9/19/65 "Go West, Young Martian, Go West" Part II

W: Marty Roth D: David Alexander

Joining a wagon train to get to California in 1849, Martin and Tim must contend with two crooks who stole their map to the location of the time machine.

(Pamela Britton, Alan Hewitt, Hal Baylor, Ken Meyer, Eddie Littlesky, Richard Gilden, John Alvin)

9/26/65/ "Martin of the Movies" click to read a review

W: Burt Styler & Albert E.Lewin D: John Erman

Martin and Tim use the time machine to go back to a 1925 Hollywood silent movie studio.

(Leon Askin, Arlene Martel, John Considine, Barbara Perry)

10/3/65 "Keep Me From The Church on Time"

W: James Allardice & Tom Adair D: John Erman

A photo from Martin’s futuroid camera shows Tim getting married within 24 hours, but with the bride’s back to the camera, her identity is not known.

(Yvonne Craig, Noam Pitlick, Parley Baer)

10/10/65 "I’d Rather Fight Than Switch"

W: Phillip Rapp D: David Alexander

The molecular reassembler accidently switches the minds of Martin and Mrs. Brown.

(Pamela Britton, Alan Hewitt, Bill Idelson)

10/17/65 "Tim, the Mastermind"

W: Burt Styler & Albert E.Lewin D: David Alexander

When Martin develops an allergy to Martian silicon wafer memory pills, he gives them to Tim, converting his roommate into a genius who can help him calculate a flight home.

(Harry Halcombe, Lee Bergere)

10/24/65 "Martin Goldfinger"

W: Burt Styler & Albert E.Lewin D: Wesley Kenney

Just as humans need iron in their systems, Martians need gold, and a deficiency of the element in Earth foods causes Martin to transmute everything he touches into gold.

(Pamela Britton, Alan Hewitt,)

10/31/65 "Bottled Martian"

W: Burt Styler & Albert E.Lewin D: Wesley Kenney

After using a shrinking process in order to return to Mars, Martin finds himself sealed in a bottle being shipped to Baghdad .

(Paul Verdier, Linda Scott, Naomi Stevens, Howard Caine)

11/7/65 "Hate Me A Little"

W: Gene L. Coon D: Mel Ferber

Martin has modified the benevolence bulb to work on humans, so Tim tries it out on Detective Brennan.

(Pamela Britton, Alan Hewitt, Don Haggerty, Norman Alden)

11/14/65 "The Girl In The Flying Machine"

W: Blanche Hanalis D: Mel Ferber

A device on the Martian’s spaceship overcharges, accidentally pulling down a foreign Slobodian spacecraft with its female pilot.

(Pamela Britton, Jill Ireland, Bernie Koppell)

11/21/65 "That Time Machine is Waking Up That Old Gang of Mine"

W: James Allardice & Tom Adair D: Jean Yarbrough

A short circuit on the Martian’s time machine brings Frank and Jesse James into the present.

(Pamela Britton, L.Q. Jones, Mort Miles)

11/28/65 "The Avenue ‘C’ Mob"

W: Blanche Hanalis D: John Erman

Wanting to study what it is like to be elderly, Martin ages himself 400 Martian years and then gets a job as a night watchman in a warehouse.

(Lurene Tuttle, Nydia Westman, Murray Matheson, Jamie Farr)

12/5/65 "Tim And Tim Again"

W: Bill Kelsay Story: Marty Roth D:John Erman

A sudden short circuit of the duplicating machine produces an identical replica of Tim.

(Steve Franken, Lauren Gilbert, Melinda Fee)

12/12/65 "Loralee Brown vs Everybody"

W: Bill Kelsay D: Jean Yarbrough

Thanks to taking a Martian concentration pill at the wrong moment, Mrs. Brown becomes totally obsessed on law enforcement.

(Pamela Britton, Alan Hewitt, Victor French)

12/19/65 "The O’Hara Caper"

W: Albert E.Lewin & Burt Styler D: John Erman

Having missed out on reporting a jewel robbery, Tim uses the Martian’s time machine to create an alternate time line that places him at the scene of the crime.

(Alan Hewitt, Howard Morton, Robert Doyle)

12/26/65 "Who’s Got a Secret?"

W: Marty Roth D: John Erman

Mrs. Brown’s brother Alvin starts a rumor that Martin is inventing something that is vital to national security.

(Pamela Britton, Gavin MacLeod, Larry D. Mann, John Newton)

1/2/66 "Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow"

W: Ben Starr D: Jean Yarbrough

Tim is faced with proving his right to an inheritance, which is being challenged because of the presence of his "Uncle Martin".

(Allen Melvin, Bruce Glover, Sue Taylor, Paul Sorenson)

 1/16/66 "Martin’s Revoltin’ Development"

W: Leigh Chapman D: Jean Yarbrough

Martin inadvertantly makes things worse for a young newspaper photographer trying to keep his job.

(Claude Johnson, Michael Conrad, Barry Russo, Nicholas Colasanto)

1/23/66 "TV or Not TV"

W: Michael Stein & Jack Gross Jr. D: John Erman

Martin’s telecasting mechanism sends out a broadcast at the wrong time during one of Tim’s interviews.

(Conrad Janis, Patricia Smith)

1/30/66 "The Man From Uncle Martin"

W: James Allardice & Tom Adair D: John Erman

Mrs. Brown’s brother Alvin has another get-rich-quick scheme involving a robot household helper he got from a con artist.

(Pamela Britton, Gavin MacLeod, Arthur Malet, John Lassell)

2/6/66 "Martin the Mannequin"

W: Marty Roth D: David Alexander

A whiff of a men’s cologne in a department store leaves the Martian frozen in place.

(Pamela Britton, Alan Hewitt, Woodrow Parfrey, Teddy Quinn)

2/13/66 "Butterball"

W: Blanche Hanalis D: David Alexander

The CRUSH agent Butterball, who had encountered Tim and Martin before, has escaped from prison.

(Larry D. Mann, Eileen O’Neill)

2/20/66 "When a Martian Makes His Violin Cry"

W: Austin & Irma Kalish D: John Erman

At a carnival, a gypsy wrongly accused by Brennan of stealing Mrs. Brown’s purse, puts a "curse" on the landlady, which she believes to be working.

(Pamela Britton, Alan Hewitt, John Considine, Penny Salton, Len Lesser, Shelley Morrison)

2/27/66 "When You Get Back Home To Mars, Are You Going To Get It"

W: Marty Roth D: Jean Yarbrough

Martin’s 11 year old nephew Andromeda crash lands on Earth and the youngster can’t understand why his Martian identity must be kept secret.

(Pamela Britton, Alan Hewitt, Wayne Stam) Wayne Stam Interview on SHOKUS RADIO

3/6/66 "Doggone Martin"

W: Albert E.Lewin D: John Erman

The Martian’s radical plan to get back to Mars using "super-micro-distillating-liqui-chemi-cosis" runs into some bizarre complications.

(James Frawley, Sarah Marshall)

3/13/66 "Virus M for Martin"

W: Bill Kelsay D: David Alexander

Tim is exposed to the innocuous Martian virus "fluosis", which causes red stripes to appear on Tim’s face, but Brennan shows up before Martin can give Tim the antidote.

(Alan Hewitt, Jamie Farr, Jack Collins, Gilbert Green Paula Stewart)

3/20/66 "Our Notorious Landlady"

W: Gene Thompson D: David Alexander

Mrs Brown is affected by the personality altercator and she becomes intrigued with stealing things.

(Pamela Britton, Alan Hewitt, Hal Baylor)

3/27/66 "Martin Meets His Match"

W: Gene Thompson & Bill Kelsay, Story: Gene Thompson D: David Alexander

Martin uses his time machine to bring Leonardo Da Vinci to the apartment so that he can consult with the great inventor on fixing his spaceship.

(Pamela Britton, Alan Hewitt, Michael Constantine)

4/3/66 "Horse and Buggy Martin"

W: Albert E.Lewin D: David Alexander

A mosquito bite has an odd effect on the Martian as it causes him to become highly sensitized to the actions of a race horse.

(Trevor Bardett, Janis Hansen)

4/17/66 "Stop the Presses, I Want to Get Off"

W: Austin & Irma Kalish D: Jean Yarbrough

Mrs. Brown accidentally absorbs the Martian’s sixth sense of keen intuition.

(Pamela Britton, Alan Hewitt, Roy Engle)

4/24/66 "My Nut Cup Runneth Over"

W: Bill Kelsay & Gene Thompson Story: Bill Kelsay D: John Erman

A short circuit on the molecular reassembler transforms a squirrel into a very indignant human.

(Pamela Britton, Alan Hewitt, Hal England, Christina Burke)

5/1/66 "Pay the Man the 24 Dollars"

W: Burt Styler D: John Erman

Returning from researching New Amsterdam of 1626 via the time machine, Tim discovers he inadvertently changed history surrounding the sale of Manhattan Island to the Dutch.

(Leon Askin, Shelley Morrison, Herb Ellis)

5/8/66 "Time Out For Martian" ** **(B&W 2nd season episode postponed from 6/20/65)

W: Marty Roth D: James V. Kern

When Tim handles the Martian’s time machine, it suddenly sends Martin and him back to England in the year 1215.

(Ann Wakefield, Anthony Eustral, William Baskin, Jesse Wayne)

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5/15/66 "Go West, Young Martian, Go West" Pt . 1

5/23/66 "Go West, Young Martian, Go West" Pt. 2

5/29/66 "Martin of the Movies"

6/5/66 "I'd Rather Fight Than Switch"

6/12/66 "That Time Machine is Waking Up That Old Gang of Mine"

6/19/66 "Tim, the Mastermind"

6/26/66 "Loralee Brown vs Everybody"

7/3/66 "Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow"

7/10/66 "Martin Goldfinger"

7/17/66 "TV or Not TV"

7/24/66 "Martin the Mannequin"

7/31/66 "Virus M for Martin"

8/7/66 "Doggone Martin"

8/14/66 "Our Notorious Landlady"

8/21/66 "Martin Meets His Match"

8/28/66 "My Nut Cup Runneth Over"

9/4/66 "Pay the Man the 24 Dollars"


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