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The Martian…………Ray Walston

Tim O’Hara………….Bill Bixby

Mrs. Loralee Brown…Pamela Britton

9/29/63 "My Favorite Martian" click to read reviews

W: John L.Greene D: Sheldon Leonard

On returning from covering an X-15 flight, reporter Tim O'Hara sees a UFO crashland in the woods.

( Pamela Britton, J.Pat O’Malley, Ann Marshall, Simon Oakland, Ina Victor, Herbert Rudley)

10/6/63 "The Matchmakers"

W: John L.Greene & Paul David D: Sidney Miller

While the Martian is settling in under the assumed identity of Tim’s "Uncle Martin", Tim finds himself caring for his boss’s dog, which helps him to meet a pretty neighbor.

(Ann Marshall, Laura Shelton, Linden Chiles)

10/13/63 "There Is No Cure for the Common Martian"

W: James Komack, D: Sidney Miller

When the Martian catches the common cold, it affects his powers.

( Pamela Britton,Willard Waterman, Sharon Farrell)

10/20/63 "Russians ‘R’ In Season"

W: James Komack D: Alan Rafkin

The Martian knows that a 2 billion dollar government space project will never get off the ground.

(Frank Aletter, Richard Deacon)

10/27/63 "Man Or Amoeba"

W: Jerry Seelan & Leo Rafkin D: Alan Rafkin

Martin helps Angela write a science report on the possibility of life on Mars.

(Pamela Britton, Ann Marshall, John Fiedler)

11/3/63 "Man on the Couch"

W: William Blinn & Michael Gleason D: Alan Rafkin

An LA heat wave forces the Martian to scale a water tower in an effort to get some cool thin air.

(Pamela Britton, Frank Behrens)

11/10/63 "A Loaf of Bread, a Jug of Wine, and Peaches"

W: Earl Barret D: Alan Rafkin

The Martian wants to experience the Earth emotion of "love at first sight."

(Kathie Browne, Noam Pitlik)

11/17/63 "The Awful Truth"

W: Arnold & Lois Peyser D: Oscar Rudolph

Tim convinces Martin to loan him a Martian power.

(Pamela Britton, J..Pat O'Malley, Alan Reed, Dee J. Thompson, Jackie Russell)

12/1/63 "Rocket to Mars"

W: Elroy Schwartz & Austin Kalish D:Leslie Goodwins

Mrs. Brown accidentally gives a junkman the keys to Tim's garage and the Martian's ship is hauled off as trash.

(Pamela Britton, Vito Scotti, Cliff Norton)

12/8/63 "Raffles #2"

W: Austin Kalish & Elroy Schwartz D: Oscar Rudolph

On Tim's insistence, Martin applies for a driver's license, but since Martians don't have fingerprints, he must "borrow" a set for his application.

(J. Pat O' Malley, Howard Morton, Madge Blake)

12/15/63 "The Atom-Misers"

W: James Menzies D: Leslie Goodwins

The Martian wants to create a super hard metal for his spaceship and he needs a cyclotron to do it.

(Flip Mark, Jerome Cowan, Jean Hale)

12/22/63 "That Little Old Matchmaker, Martin" * Postponed from 11/24/63

W: Terry Ryan D: Oscar Rudolph

Tim wants to date a new girl at the office and he convinces Martin to read her mind in order to find out what traits she likes in a man.

(Nancy Rennick, Robert Colbert)

12/29/63 "How To Be a Hero Without Really Trying"

W: Ed James & Seaman Jacobs D: Sidney Miller

Martin wants to look for a rare mineral called glink, up near Sunset Mountain, but he ends up having to go with Tim and new neighbor Jennifer, and her kid brother Stevie.

(Kathy Kersh, Butch Patrick)

1/5/64 "Blood is Thicker Than the Martian"

W:Al Martin & Bill Kelsay D: Oscar Rudolph

Tim's cousin Harvey arrives for an unexpected visit and he knows that there is no "Uncle Martin" in the O'Hara family.

(Pamela Britton, Paul Smith)

1/12/64 "Poor Little Rich Cat"

W & D: James Komack

Martin reads about a cat inheriting a fortune and he wants Tim to use the newspaper to correct this injustice.

(Bernie Kopell, Dub Taylor, Moyna Macgill)

1/19/64 "R# For a Martian"

W & D: James Komack

Due to a fluke in Mars' orbital path, Martin finds he can make a flight back to Mars only if he leaves within the next 18 hours.

(Pamela Britton, Yale Summers, Bill Zuckert)

1/26/64 "Going, Going, Gone"

W: Elroy Schwartz & Austin Kalish D:Oscar Rudolph

Sunspots start to affect the Martian's metabolism

(Pamela Britton, Jonathan Hole, Robert P. Lieb)

2/9/64 "Who Am I?"

W: Ben Starr D: Leslie Goodwins

Martin wants to meet with a Prof. Downey but an accidental blow on the head leaves him with amnesia--and he refuses to believe he is a man from Mars.

(Pamela Britton, Michael Fox, Sally Carter)

2/16/64 "Now You See It, Now You Don't"

W: Ben Gershman & Bill Friedman D: Leslie Goodwins

Martin wants to help an elderly museum curator who has purchased a piece of unauthenticated Egyptian art.

(Cecil Kellaway, John Qualen, Maurice Marsac)

2/23/64 "My Nephew, the Artist"

W: Ben Starr D: Oscar Rudolph

In order to help out with expenses, Martin sells some of his paintings at a local gallery.

(J.Pat O.Malley, Richard Deacon, Cyril Delevanti)

3/1/64 "Hitchhike to Mars"

W: Bill Freedman & Ben Gershman D: Oscar Rudolph

Martin plans to stowaway aboard a rocket being launched to Mars

(Herbert Rudley, Vito Scotti, Alice Backes)

3/8/64 "Uncle Martin's Broadcast"

W: James Komack D: Oscar Rudolph

When Tim learns that the Martian's antennae can pick up radio signals, he realizes he can make use of this to get news stories, by tuning in on police calls.

(Don Haggerty)

3/15/64 "An Old, Old Friend of the Family"

W: John L. Greene & Paul David D: Leslie Goodwins

Martin wants to help Tim get an interview with a reclusive Mid-Eastern ruler.

(Charles Maxwell, Henry Gordon)

3/22/64 "Super-Duper Snooper"

W: Al Martin & Bill Kelsay D: Leslie Goodwins

Mrs. Brown is taking a correspondence course in detective work so she spends her time spying on Martin.

(Pamela Britton, Cliff Norton)

4/5/64 "The Sinkable Mrs. Brown"

W: Al Martin & Bill Kelsay D: Oscar Rudolph

A shady real estate agent tries to convince Mrs. Brown to sell her property, meaning Martin, Tim and the spaceship will be out on the street.

( Pamela Britton, Allen Melvin, Elvia Alman, George Dunn)

4/12/64 "Martin and the Eternal Triangle"

W: Ben Gershman & Bill Friedman D: Oscar Rudolph

Much to her tenants' surprise, Mrs. Brown has a new suitor.

(Pamela Britton, Albert Carrier, Maya Van Horn)

4/19/64 "Danger! High Voltage!"

W: Ben Gershman & Bill Freedman D: Leslie Goodwins

After accidentally absorbing a large dose of electricity, the Martian must reduce the charge without causing havoc to the city's power system.

(Henry Gibson, Milton Fromm)

4/26/64 "If You Can't Lick 'Em.."

W; Blanche Hanalis D: Oscar Rudolph

Martin and Tim must convince a youngster that the Martian's antennae are only a toy.

(Hal Smith, Dennis Rush)

5/3/64 "Unidentified Flying Uncle Martin"

W: James Komack D: Leslie Goodwins

Martin must take up his spaceship on a test flight, and sure enough, he's spotted as a UFO.

(Pamela Britton, Don Keefer, James Callehan)

5/10/64 "How You Going to Keep Them Down on the Pharmacy?"

W: James Komack D: Leslie Goodwins

A vitamin deficiency causes the Martian to absorb energy from other people through eye contact.

(Pamela Britton, Herbie Faye)

5/17/64 "Miss Jekyll and Hyde

W: Al Martin & Bill Kelsay D: Oscar Rudolph

Mrs. Brown's brilliant niece, Paula arrives for a visit, and Martin is worried that the young woman will discover his true identity.

(Pamela Britton, Marlo Thomas, Tom Skerritt)

5/24/64 "Who's Got the Power?"

W: James Komack D: Oscar Rudolph

An electrical storm causes the Martian to be unable to control his power of invisibility and he must concoct an elaborate method to correct the problem.

(Pamela Britton, Justin Smith)

5/31/64 "Oh, My Aching Antennae"

W: Ted Sherdeman & Jane Klune D: Oscar Rudolph

The Martian realizes that the force of Earth's gravity is beginning to age him.

(Pamela Britton, Jay Sheffield)

6/7/64 "The Disastronauts"

W: Bill Friedman & Ben Gershman D: Leslie Goodwins

When Martin learns that a tycoon is sending a privately financed rocket to Mars complete with an astronaut, he is determined to get the job.

(J.Pat O'Malley, Alan Hale, Frank De Vol)

6/14/64 "Shake Well and Don't Use"

W: Al Martin & Bill Kelsay D: Oscar Rudolph

Martin decides to help Tim get a raise by cooking a gourmet meal for Mr. Burns, Tim's boss.

(Pamela Britton, J.Pat O'Malley, Kip King)

6/21/64 "Nose For News"…….Rehearsal photos

W: William Blinn & Michael Gleason D: Alan Rafkin

Tim is distracted by pursuing a lovely girl at the office, so Martin finds that he has to cover for Tim on an assignment.

(J. Pat O'Malley, David White, Maggie Pierce, Sheila Bromley)

6/28/64 "Uncle Martin's Wisdom Tooth"

W: James Komack D: Oscar Rudolph

Martin develops a toothache in his "eye tooth", but this condition scrambles his vision. All the same, he wants to seek out the use of a dentist's office to treat the problem.

(Lennie Weinrib, Francine York)

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7/4/64 Pilot "My Favorite Martian"

7/12/64 "Rocket to Mars"

7/19/64 "How to Be a Hero Without Really Trying"

7/26/64 "Blood is Thicker Than the Martian"

8/2/64 "Rx For a Martian"

8/9/64 "The Awful Truth"

8/16/64 "How're You Going to Keep Them Down on the Pharmacy?"

8/23/64 "Russians R In Season"

8/30/64 "Going, Going, Gone"

9/6/64 "Super-Duper Snooper"

9/13/64 "Hitchhike to Mars"

9/20/64 "Unidentified Flying Uncle Martin"




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