MFM episode "Nose For News" Rehearsal


Some rare stills taken during the 1963 filming of the episode "Nose for News".

These 2 photos might have been taken during rehearsal for the scene in Mr. Burns’ office where he welcomes Martin to the staff of the Los Angeles Sun. Ray Walston’s eyeglasses can be seen in his shirt pocket and he holds the press card used in the scene. Bill Bixby apparently put on a different tie for the actual filming.




This picture below might have been taken while rehearsing the moment where Mr. Burns calls Tim and Martin back to his office. This camera angle shows a photo on the wall which was not visible when the scene was filmed as the movie camera was set up directly in front of the actors.


("—O’Hara!!" Tim: "Which one?")



Some candid moments on the set in the editor’s office of the L.A. Sun, during the scene where Martin is asked to explain how he got the news scoop. Ray Walston holds the press card and a pass to the roller derby which Mr. Burns gave to Martin.



 photos © Jack Chertok Productions, Inc.

text © 2008-2011 JH Harison 




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