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2/18/13 Here’s a link to a video interview with MFM film editor Stanley Frazen, who talks about working behind the scenes on "Martian" and the special efforts used on the show. Mr. Frazen discusses "My Favorite Martian" starting at the time of 23:33 into the video.

1/19/13 Added photo to Season 1 stills "Uncle Martin’s Wisdom Tooth"

12/30/12 Added photo to season 3 gallery of Tim with time machine in Heir Today. (With thanks to Peter Greenwood)

8/6/12 Added picture to Season 2 photo gallery "Dial M For Martian"

8/4/12 Added 1 rare candid photo to Backstage Section and also added a rare photo on the History page to "The Lion" section.

1/7/12 Added a page with exclusive photos of actor Wayne Stam (Andromeda) with some new My Favorite Martian products and photos. (With sincere appreciation to Wayne and Peter Greenwood)

8/6/12 Added picture to Season 2 photo gallery "Dial M For Martian"

8/12/11 Added 2 photos to season 3 gallery,"That Time Machine is Waking Up That Old Gang of Mine" (With great appreciation to Peter Greenwood)

7/20/11 Added 6 photos from 2nd season episode "Has Anyone Seen My Electro-Magnetic-Neutron-Converting Gravitator?" to Season 2 photo gallery and added color photo with newspaper to Season 1 stills. (With my sincerest appreciation to Peter Greenwood.)

7/12/11 We are saddened to learn of the passing of Producer/Writer Sherwood Schwartz, who was crucially instrumental in the development of My Favorite Martian in 1963. Mr. Schwartz graciously contributed an interview for this website in 2003 and his kindness will always be remembered.

4/2/11 Added a photo of Bill Bixby and Kathy Kersh on the Backstage Section. Also added new information on Upcoming Products: about a model spaceship and reprinting of the Gold Key comics.

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10/27/10: Added a rare color frame capture from the time travel episode "Time Out for Martian" to both the Time Machine page and Backstage Section. Also added two photos to Season 2 photo gallery for "A Martian Fiddles Around" as well as including additional information about James Komack writing for MFM.

5/28/10: Added photo of Pamela Britton and Bill Bixby to Backstage Section and a color photo of the Martian to Pilot Section of Season 1 stills.

4/13/10: Added b/w photo of Martin and the ship to Pilot section of Season 1 stills.

3/14/10: Added photo from "Go West.." to Backstage Section

2/12/10: Added photo of Ray Walston on Backstage Section; New Page about Ray Walston’s visit to NASA in Nov.1965

1/28/10 Announcements: added link about USA release of MFM dvd season 3 and the marketing of a scale model of the spaceship.( Upcoming Products:)

7/2/09 New page featuring an article about a visit to the set (linked on Backstage). Also, added a link to YouTube on Ray Walston’s Career Page that features his performance in a 1949 TV drama Suspense

6/1/09 Added another photo of Tim in phone section in Season 1 stills.

5/26/09 Added photo of Tim in phone section in Season 1 stills.

5/15/09 Added 2 photos (Chess, "Nose for News") in Season 1 stills and added photo "Girl in the Flying Machine") to season 3 gallery.

4/10/09 Added photo of Tim in "Nose For News" in Season 1 stills.

11/29/08: Added summary of "Be Prepared" to the Unfilmed Scripts section.

10/10/08: Added photo to Time Machine page ("Go West"); Added photo to Season 1 stills; Added 4 photos to Pamela Britton Career Page. Added 2 photos to History special effects section. Added a photo of Bill Bixby to Backstage Section.

9/13/08: Added 2 photos ("Matchmakers" and "Nose For News") in Season 1 stills.

9/13/08 New page featuring rehearsal photos from "Nose For News" episode.

9/13/08: New Page about a 1964 CBS-TV commercial promo; photos also featured on Trivia page.

Announcements 9/12/08: added link to Umbrella Entertainment’s dvd of season 2

5/30/08: Added "Go West…" photo to season 3 gallery.

4/21/08 Link added on the Trivia page to a Transcript of parts of a Feb. 20, 2008 SHOKUS Internet radio interview with actor Wayne Stam.

Announcements 2/15/08: Updated the Link to the tvshows on dvd website news reports on a possible USA release of season 3; link to Umbrella Entertainment’s dvd of season 1

1/19/08: added more behind-the-scenes photos taken during the making of The Incredible Hulk "My Favorite Magician" episode.

Upcoming Products: 12/4/07: La-La Land Records has released the CD soundtrack for My Favorite Martian on December 4, 2007, available from their website on that date. Also, posted link to discussion about a campaign to get a toy model of the Martian’s ship on the market.

11/28/07: added a photo in Season 1 stills and 2 photos in Season 2 photo gallery

Announcements 11/14/07 : Umbrella Entertainment of Australia has released season 3 of My Favorite Martian

Bibliography: 11/12/07 added new book, "SITCOMS: The 101 Greatest TV Comedies of All Time" (2007)

10/7/07: Added information #28 to Trivia page

9/17/07: Added photo of a TV guide from Chile to Magazine Covers

9/14/07: New page with behind-the-scenes photos taken during the making of The Incredible Hulk "My Favorite Magician" episode.

8/26/07: Added quote and link to a 1979 Ray Walston interview about the ‘Hulk’ episode My Favorite Magician. Also added a quote to Backstage Section and Quotes on Comedy:

8/26/07 New page with quotes from a 1964 interview with ‘Martian’ writer/director James Komack

Unfilmed Scripts: 8/16/07 New section containing summaries of 3 unaired scripts. Added information about this in History. Also added small reviews of two 1st season episodes.

7/28/07 Added information #19 about CCTBS on Trivia.

6/16/07: Added information #3 & #14 to Trivia. And in Upcoming Products: additional MFM items are under consideration.

6/5/07 Umbrella Entertainment of Australia and New Zealand will be internationally releasing all 3 seasons of My Favorite Martian on dvd with special features. Also, Jack Chertok Productions is searching for archival photos and transparencies from the show.

May 31, 2007: We are saddened to learn of the passing of Mr. George Greeley, composer of the theme and background music for My Favorite Martian. A tribute to Mr. Greeley can be found in the May 31st 2007 Los Angeles Times.

March 16, 2007: added photo to Cast section in Season 1 stills

MFM will be available on YouTube (press release 2/12/07)(Also, Ray Walston’s 1995 AT&T commercial with a Martian reference can now be seen on YouTube.)

Feb. 3, 2007 added information on History page about cancellation of the series.

Feb. 3, 2007 added link on Home Page to view MFM episodes on AOL In2TV

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Oct 23, 2006: History and Spoiler pages now have the correct spelling for Uncle Martin’s Martian name: Exigious 12 ½. (With special thanks and appreciation to Wayne Stam)

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Time Machine: added color photo to Go West section: (7/10/06)

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