What’s New For MFM in 2012


 The Paragrafix Company has put out a model kit that includes a CCTBS model.

(Thanks go to Peter Greenwood and Wayne Stam for the photos and text)


My Favorite Martian actor Wayne Stam (Andromeda) displays the photo etched brass model of the CCTBS. He played with the real one on set…(…Sshhh…don’t tell…) 


A closer look. The detail is wonderful on the Paragrafix kit…


…..And here is the time machine brief case as it appears on the show.



Also, Hermes Press has reprinted the MFM Gold Key comic books.

Volume One contains issues #1-#7 along with many never before seen photos!


Actor Wayne Stam, who played Uncle Martin’s Martian nephew Andromeda, with the never before seen color image of himself from Volume One "My Favorite Martian" comic reprint. Needless to say, he was thrilled to see it in print for the first time. The TV series My Favorite Martian, and working with both Bill Bixby and Ray Walston, remains a special memory for him, to this day.




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