Oct 25, 2010

At the October Hobby Expo in Chicago, Pegasus Model Company announced that they are releasing a "My Favorite Martian" model kit of the Martianís spaceship along with a figure of Uncle Martin.

For more information and photos, go to: and scroll down the page.


1/28/10 Season 3 of My Favorite Martian is to be released in 2010 on dvd in the USA. tvshowsondvd website has the latest information:


Umbrella Entertainment has released "My Favorite Martian Season 2" on DVD.

Actor Wayne Stam (Andromeda) was a guest on STUíS SHOW, an internet radio webcast on Shokus Internet Radio on Aug 6, 2008.


On Wed. Feb 20th, 2008, at 7 PM EST and 4 PM PST, Stuís Show on Shokus Internet Radio featured a live radio show devoted to My Favorite Martian. Special guests included actor Wayne Stam (who played Uncle Martinís 11 year old Martian nephew in one episode) and, Peter Greenwood, an executive for Jack Chertok Productions.

A page containing some written transcripts from that program is now available on this site.


Umbrella Entertainment has released  My Favorite Martian season 1 with bonus extras on DVD March 1, 2008


For the latest news on the releases of MFM on dvd, go to the well-informed tvshowsondvd website.

Umbrella Entertainment has released a 6 disc DVD for My Favorite Martianís 3rd season in color. It is compatible with NTCS format so it can be played in North America-Region 1. This DVD set has bonus material, featuring the completely restored unaired pilot, along with behind-the-scenes home movies, interviews and episode commentaries.

La-la Land Records released the cd soundtrack for "My Favorite Martian" on Wed. Dec. 4th 2007, available through their website starting on that date. It will be a limited release CD (3000) of George Greeleyís original score for My Favorite Martian that features 23 tracks taken from the master recording sessions at Desilu Studio. 

For more information go to: UPCOMING MFM PRODUCTS


Special Notice to Fans

Jack Chertok Productions, Inc. is searching for misplaced transparencies and photos from "My Favorite Martian" to add to their archives. Their representatives are asking fans for help in this search. Their intent is to share the long-lost photos with fans in future dvd releases and other products.

Contact for more information about what you can do to help in the search for missing transparencies and vintage photos. 


My Favorite Martian to be Available on YouTube

YouTube, the popular online video sharing site, has signed a deal with Digital Music Group Inc. to offer such 1960s U.S. television programs as "I Spy" and "My Favorite Martian".

Source: Reuters news


(3/17/06) TV LAND nominated Uncle Martin for the Most "Out-of-this-World" character and the Martianís antennae for best TV prop (greatest gear or admirable apparatus) in its annual TV LAND awards in categories #9 and #16 respectively.



RHINO Home Video released 4 MFM time travel episodes on DVD, Aug. 30, 2005

They are, Time Out for Martian, Martin of the Movies, That Time Machine is Waking Up That Old Gang of Mine, and Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow

Read a review of the dvd on the sitcoms-on-line website.

Here is the press release on the tvshowsondvd website.



 All the episodes on the MFM SEASON 2 DVD are complete and uncut!

For the My Favorite Martian Season 2 DVD, Rhino Home Video obtained 4 "time-compressed" episodes, Dreaming Can Make It So, Nothing But the Truth, Extra, Extra-Sensory Perception and Never Trust a Naked Martian. The packaging states that these are "shortened syndicated versions", which led to some confusion among fans. But those 4 episodes do not have any scenes cut out. Their running time is slightly shorter due to the compression process used in syndication, but the shows are intact.


Read a review of the season 2 DVD on the Sitcoms Online website*



Here are the news items about the season 2 DVD from the tvshowsondvd website:

The press release from RHINO

Other news items


The entire 1st season of My Favorite Martian is now out on DVD

Read a review of the DVD on the Sitcoms Online website

Click here for more information


The DVD release of Season 1 of My Favorite Martian is now available since Rhino Home Video has located all the uncut masters needed for the 37 episodes of the series first season.

The full messages are on this link: My Favorite Martian news on tvshowsondvd website. (Thanks go to Gord Lacey!)

*However, there is audio damage in the fade out scene of the Second Act of "A Loaf of Bread, a Jug of Wine & Peaches." Apparently RHINO Home Video used the same damaged print of that episode which is currently in syndication. This problem is on both the DVD & VHS versions of the "Peaches" episode.


Rhino Home Video has already released the first 8 MFM b/w episodes on DVD.  

Also on RHINO DVD: 4 color episodes: Go West Young Martian, parts 1 & 2; Martin Meets His Match, and Pay The Man the 24 Dollars.


RHINO also offers MFM on VHS home video

Vol 1 video tape has the Pilot episode and "The Matchmakers"

Vol 2 video tape has "No Cure For the Common Martian" and "Russians R In Season"

Vol 3 video tape has "Man or Ameba" and "Man on the Couch"

Vol 4 video tape has "A Loaf of Bread, A Jug of Wine and Peaches" and

"The Awful Truth"


All 32 MFM color episodes are featured in a VHS 8 boxed set

RHINO also offers a single tape of 4 color episodes on VHS 



Jan. 12, 2000: The Columbia House Company is now offering My Favorite Martian: The Collectorís Edition, on home video. For more information click here to go to their website.

Click to see a list of the Columbia House MFM episodes (updated 12/30/00)



Ray Walston has been profiled on A&Eís acclaimed BIOGRAPHY TV series. Click here to visit the program site.


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