MY FAVORITE MARTIAN achieved quick popularity during the 1963-64 TV season, due in large part to the likability of its characters. While it is undeniable that the gimmicks of camera tricks and retractable antennae, (a special effect never before seen on television) did generate the initial buzz of interest about the show, the factor that sustained its popularity was the teamwork of the Martian and Tim engagingly portrayed by Ray Walston and Bill Bixby.

The appeal of the characters were the key and core of the series. Thanks to Ray Walston, Bill Bixby and Pamela Britton, there was an art to the way lines were delivered, the comedy timed, and their energetic chemistry drove the performances. The two main characters displayed a sentimental side, determinedly played with a genuineness somewhat ahead of its time. It all contributed to elevating the series and preventing it from deteriorating into what others might term a "kiddie comedy".

Ray Walston and Bill Bixby made the series work and their classic performances defined the uniqueness of their characters.


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