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38 episodes


The Martian……………...Ray Walston

Tim O’Hara………………Bill Bixby

Mrs. Loralee Brown…...…Pamela Britton

Detective Bill Brennan..….Alan Hewitt

9/27/64 "Dreaming Can Make It So" click to read a review

W: Ben Gershman & Bill Freedman W: Oscar Rudolph

Tim discovers that the Martian has the ability to project his dreams as two dimensional images.

( Pamela Britton, Lillian Buyeff)

10/4/64 "The Memory Pill"

W: Benedict Freedman D: Oscar Rudolph

Martin shows Tim how to use his memory eradicator machine.

( Pamela Britton, David White)

10/11/64 "Three To Make Ready"

W: Bruce Howard & Bud Nye D: Leslie Goodwins

Martin has an opportunity to go on board a rocket being launched for Mars, but he finds he is undecided about choosing to leave.

( Pamela Britton, Jan Arvan)

10/18/64 "Nothing But The Truth"

W: Blanche Hanalis D: Oscar Rudolph

Mrs. Brown’s sister and family arrive for a visit just when Martin wants to return his spaceship to the garage.

( Pamela Britton, Don Keefer, Yvonne White, Rory Stevens)

10/25/64 "Dial M For Martin"

W: Fred S.Fox & Iz Elinson D: Oscar Rudolph

When a live phone wire falls on the Martian, it enables him to intercept phone calls, causing complications with Mrs. Brown’s new acquaintance: Detective Brennan.

( Pamela Britton, Alan Hewitt, Edward Colmans)

11/1/64 "Extra! Extra! Sensory Perception!"

W: James Komack D: Leslie Goodwins

Tim is doing a series of articles on ESP, and Martin warns him not to bring Dr. Hammershlaig, an ESP expert, to the house.

( Pamela Britton, Leonid Kinskey)

11/8/65 "My Uncle, The Folk Singer"

W: Lee Karson D: Oscar Rudolph

Utilizing his own internal memory recording system, Martin wants to record different types of folk music.

(Pamela Britton, Pat Priest)

11/15/64 "The Great Brain Robbery"

W: Rik Vollarets D: Oscar Rudolph

Martian tutors an insufferable twelve-year-old whose father wants him to get into the Air Force Academy.

(Keith Taylor, Frank Marth)

11/22/64 "Double Trouble"

W: Ben Gershman & Bill Freedman D: Oscar Rudolph

Martian demonstrates his new duplicating machine.

( Pamela Britton, Alan Hewitt, Irene Tsu)

11/29/64 "Has Anyone Seen My Electro-Magnetic-Neutron-Converting Gravitator?"

W: Albert E. Lewin & Burt Styler D: Leslie Goodwins

Martin and Tim leave the spaceship momentarily unattended in the woods, which enables a little boy to climb in and make the ship take off.

(Todd Baron, Herb Ellis, June Dayton)

12/6/64 "Don’t Rain On My Parade"

W: James Komack D: Leslie Goodwins

An elderly neighbor claims to be a rainmaker who can stop an L.A. dry spell.

( Pamela Britton, Jan Arvan, Joe Walsh)

12/13/64 "The Night Life of Uncle Martin"

W" Albert E. Lewin & Burt Styler D: Oscar Rudolph

Exhausted from trying to calculate a trip to Mars, Martin’s subconscious-self emerges to go off on its own every time he falls asleep.

(Joyce Jameson, Hal Baylor) 

12/20/64 "To Make a Rabbit Stew, First Catch a Martian"

W: Al Martin & Bill Kelsey D: Leslie Goodwins

A neighbor girl’s pet rabbit hops into Tim’s apartment, eats a Martian vitamin pill, and grows six feet tall.

( Pamela Britton, Alan Hewitt, Pammie Goodwin)

12/27/64 "Won’t You Come Home, Uncle Martin, Won’t You Come Home--?"

W: Al Martin & Bill Kelsey Story: Marty Roth D:Leslie Goodwins

A "benevolence bulb" permeates the Martian with a glow that makes people like him, but the results are quite different when Tim tries the light glow on himself.

( Pamela Britton, Alan Hewitt, Dodie Marshall, Edward McKinley, Mikki Jamison)

1/3/65 "The Case of the Missing Sleuth"

W: Bill Freedman & Ben Gershman D: Oscar Rudolph

The Martian’s new invention is a molecular separator, which unfortunately works perfectly when Detective Brennan aims it at himself.

( Pamela Britton, Alan Hewitt, Michael Constantine)

1/10/65 "How’re Things in Glocca-Martin?"

W: Albert E. Lewin & Burt Styler D: Byron Paul

Tim’s Great-Uncle Seamus arrives for a visit from Ireland and he knows that Tim has no "Uncle Martin".

(Sean McClory, Virginia Gregg)

1/24/65 "Gesundheit, Uncle Martin"

W: Ben Gershman & Bill Freedman D: Oscar Rudolph

The Martian’s allergy during Sneezaphobia Week causes bouts of absent-mindedness.

( Pamela Britton, Alan Hewitt)

1/31/65 "Martian Report #1"

W: Blanche Hanalis D: Oscar Rudolph

Martin has a theory that childhood is an unhappy stage of development for Earth people.

( Pamela Britton, Katie Sweet, Olan Soulè)

2/7/65 "Uncle Martin and the Identified Flying Objects"

W: Marty Roth & Lissa Charrel D: Byron Paul

Exposure to the early morning sun and thick atmosphere cause the Martian to absorb an excess of electrons that creates uncontrollable telekinesis of nearby objects.

(Pamela Britton, Vaughn Taylor)

2/14/65 "A Martian Fiddles Around"

W: Albert E.Lewin & Burt Styler D: Oscar Rudolph

The sour notes played by Mrs. Brown as she learns the violin cause interdimensional slippage for the Martian, making him appear transparent.

(Pamela Britton, Ernest Saccacino, Michael Pataki)

2/21/65 "Humbug, Mrs. Brown"

W: Al Martin and Bill Kelsay D: Oscar Rudolph

Martin attempts to help curb Mrs. Brown’s excessive generosity by giving her a subliminal message to be more thrifty.

(Pamela Britton, Len Lasser, Harry Lauter)

2/28/65 "Crash Diet"

W: Phyllis & Robert White D: Byron Paul

A mix-up in a reduction process leaves the Martian’s spaceship the size of a toy model.

(Cliff Norton, Bern Hoffman, Sue Randell, Marge Reymond, Jimmy Gaines)

3/7/65 "Gone But Not Forgotten"

W: Benedict Freedman D: Byron Paul

A sliver of invisiflex gets into the Martian’s index finger and anything he touches with it becomes invisible.

(Pamela Britton, Alan Hewitt, Hedley Mattingly)

3/14/65 "Stop or I’ll Steam"

W: Burt Styler & Albert E. Lewin D: Oscar Rudolph

The on-going battle of wits with Detective Brennan is starting to take its toll on Martin.

(Pamela Britton, Alan Hewitt, Arthur Peterson)

3/21/65 "The Magnetic Personality and Who Needs It?"

W: Burt Styler & Albert E. Lewin D: Oscar Rudolph

To help with a rehabilitation program, Mrs. Brown hires an ex-pickpocket to do odd jobs around the premises.

(Pamela Britton, Alan Hewitt, Herbie Faye)

3/28/65 "We Love You, Miss Pringle"

W: Blanche Hanalis D: Oscar Rudolph

Tim’s former strict High School English teacher, being forced to retire, prevails upon him to help as an alumni in selecting a "Teacher of the Year".

(Doris Packer, Randy Kerby)

4/4/65 "Once Upon A Martian’s Mother Day"

W: Bill Kelsay Story: Marty Roth D: James V. Kern

Unable to be back on Mars in time for Martian Mother’s Day, Martin decides to help an elderly lady who bears a striking resemblance to his own mother.

(Madge Blake, Sara Haden, James Milhollin)

4/18/65 "Uncle Baby"

W: Marty Roth D: James V. Kern

Tim accidentally interferes in the Martian’s rejuvenation treatment.

(Alan Hewitt, Natalie Masters, Jackie Russell)

4/25/65 "Uncle Martin’s Bedtime Story"

W: Burt Styler & Albery E. Lewin D: Oscar Rudolph

Mrs. Brown buys an electric bed that somehow enables her to tune in on Martin’s thoughts while he is calculating a trip back to Mars.

(Pamela Britton, Alan Hewitt)

5/2/65 " 006¾"

W; Blanche Hanalis D: Oscar Rudolph

A fleeing secret agent tosses a message to Tim, which leads to the reporter and Martin’s involvement in helping TOPSEEK rescue an agent from CRUSH

(Susanne Cramer, Les Tremayne, Dan Seymour)

5/9/65 "Never Trust a Naked Martian"

W: James Komack D: Leslie Goodwins

When Tim curiously touches the Martian’s antennae, he vanishes into the limbo world of the 4th Dimension.

(Pamela Britton, Robert Jellison)

5/16/65 "Martin’s Favorite Martian"

W: Phyllis & Robert White D: James V. Kern

Martin and Tim are working on the spaceship in the desert, but when a family of campers sees Tim in a spacesuit, he is captured as a "Martian".

(Olan Soulé, Linda Evans, Kim Tyler)

5/23/65 "The Martian’s Fair Hobo"

W: Marty Roth Story: Lila Garret & Bernie Kahn D: James V. Kern

Thinking a space agency message to "contact Shorty Smith" is a message from the Martian Space Patrol, Martin seeks to find the elusive Mr. Smith.

(Pamela Britton, Guy Marks, Amzie Strickland)

5/30/65 "A Martian’s Sonata in Mrs. B’s Flat"

W: Ron Friedman D: Oscar Rudolph

Martians use a liquid music distillate to enjoy the sound as a total experience, and when used as a spray, it can transform a human into a musical virtuoso.

(Pamela Britton, Mona Burns, Leon Belasco)

6/6/65 "Green-Eyed Martian"

W: Phyllis & Robert White D: Oscar Rudolph

Wanting to help Mrs. Brown find a new suitor to replace Brennan, Martin plans to use a Martian "Irresistible Spray" on a likely candidate, but before that happens, Mrs. Brown uses the spray on herself.

(Pamela Britton, Alan Hewitt, Henry Corden) 

6/13/65 "El Señor From Mars"

W: Ben Gershman & Bill Freedman D: Oscar Rudolph

When Martin learns that an Aztec chest that contains his likeness is going to be opened, he and Tim head to Mexico to remove the item before it is discovered.

(Bernie Koppell, Dan Seymour) 


6/20/65 ** RERUN ("Three To Make Ready")

**"Time Out For Martian" is postponed until 5/8/66 (see SEASON 3 for summary)


6/27/65 "Portrait in Brown"

W: Phyllis & Robert White D: James V. Kern

Mrs. Brown accidentally walks through the rays of a Dimensional Separator, which leave her in a 2-Dimensional state.

(Pamela Britton, Alan Hewitt, Harvey Lembeck, Lisa Seagram)

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6/20/65 "Three To Make Ready"

7/4/64 "Dreaming Can Make It So"

7/11/65 "Nothing But The Truth"

7/18/65 "My Uncle the Folksinger"

7/25/65 "Won't You Come Home, Uncle Martin…"

8/1/65 "Double Trouble"

8/8/65 "How Are Things in Glocca Martin?"

8/15/65 "We Love You, Miss Pringle"

8/22/65 "Uncle Baby"

8/29/65 "Humbug, Mrs. Brown" 

9/5/65 "Stop or I'll Steam"




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