Freddy and
Mr. Camphor

Mr. Camphor, dust jacket Mr. Camphor, pictorial cover Poor, tired Freddy

Freddy wakes up Freddy the artist Freddy vs the rats

Poor, tired Freddy! He needed a change, for, as Jinx remarked, "When you begin making speeches even to your friends, you're in a pretty bad way." But how could Freddy get away? The answer will be found in the strange, amusing, and sometimes alarming adventures that awaited him as caretaker of Mr. Camphor's estate. Life on the houseboat was not all he had expected!

Boys and girls - and many adults - will welcome the addition of Freddy and Mr. Camphor to their favorite collection of "Freddy" books.

"Home is where the heart is"

The wheels are where the cart is;
The jam is where the tart is;
And home is where the heart is,
But mine is far away.
I miss the dogs and chickens,
And Jinx and Mrs. Wiggins-
I miss them like the dickens'
Far more than I can say.

The wave is where the foam is;
The brush is where the comb is;
My heart is where my home is,
And that is with the Beans.
I am not one who flinches
When cold misfortune pinches,
But I would not like the Winches
Even if they were clean.

Published in 1944.