FREDDY the Pig
by Walter R. Brooks

From 1927 to 1958, Walter Brooks wrote 26 books starring one of the great characters in American children's literature, Freddy the Pig. Freddy is Everypig - he oversleeps, overeats, daydreams and writes poetry. He's even a bit lazy. And when he's scared, his tail uncurls. He is by turns a cowboy, explorer, politician, publisher, poet, magician, banker, campaign manager, pilot, detective. Whatever the situation may call for, Freddy always rises to the occasion!

Walter R. Brooks was born in Rome, NY, attended the University of Rochester and, after graduation, worked for the American Red Cross and the Woodrow Wilson foundation. He became associate editor of Outlook in 1928 and subsequently was a staff writer for several magazines including The New Yorker.

The short stories he began writing at this time were published in The Saturday Evening Post, The Atlantic Monthly, and Esquire. Brooks's short story, "Ed Takes the Pledge", was the basis for the 1950s television series Mr. Ed, but Brooks's most lasting achievement is the Freddy the Pig series, which began with To and Again (Freddy goes to Florida). Freddy has been called "that charming ingenious pig" by The New York Times.
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Freddy Goes to Florida - (1949)
Originally published as "To and Again - 1927"

Freddy goes to the North Pole - (1951)
Originally published as "More To and Again - 1930"

Freddy the Detective - 1932

The Story of Freginald - 1936

The Clockwork Twin - 1937
Also published as "Freddy and the Clockwork Twin"

Freddy the Politician - 1948
Originally published as "Wiggins for President" - 1939

Freddy's Cousin Weedly - 1940

Freddy and the Ignormus - 1941

Freddy and the Perilous Adventure - 1942

Freddy and the Bean Home News - 1943

Freddy and Mr. Camphor - 1944

Freddy and the Popinjay - 1945

Freddy the Pied Piper - 1946

Freddy the Magician - 1947

Freddy goes Camping - 1948

Freddy plays Football - 1949

Freddy the Cowboy - 1950

Freddy Rides Again - 1951

Freddy the Pilot - 1952

Freddy and the Space Ship - 1953

The Collected Poems of Freddy the Pig - 1953

Freddy and the Men from Mars - 1954

Freddy and the Baseball Team from Mars - 1955

Freddy and Simon the Dictator - 1956

Freddy and the Flying Saucer Plans - 1957

Freddy and the Dragon - 1958

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Many THANKS to
Jerry Aronberg for several of the pictures displayed here,
Mr. EHA for 2 storylines which were taken from his books with dust jackets,
Dale Fredericksen for poetry and pictures,
Richard Novak for incredible pictures of dust jackets & b&w pictures,
Ron Dunbar for book and dj pictures,
and to
Michael B. Pinkey for giving me the idea to create this page.

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