Freddy and the Dragon

A squad of sparrows went into the stable and perched on top of the box stall. And they sang:

"Oh ... mercy!
Here's our Percy!
Ain't he delicious! Ain't he a treat!
When in good humor he
Soaks in perfumery;
That's why he smells so lovely and sweet."

This is taken from near the end of the story. Mrs. Wiggins father Percy has become a gentleman instead of the hoodlum he was at the beginning of the story. I've never seen Walter Brooks mention his own name before.

This is to certify to all animals, birds, and bugs on the Bean farm, to Mr. and Mrs. Bean, Mr. Benjamin Bean, Mr. Walter Brooks, and all other interested parties, that Percy, the bull, is a gentleman, and is hereafter to be so treated and considered. Any infraction of this rule will be severely punished.

Published in 1958.