Freddy and the

All b&w Ignormus pictures courtesy of R. Novak

All b&w Ignormus pictures courtesy of R. Novak

What and who is the Ignormus, and how did Freddy and his friends attack him?

Once again Walter Brooks has written of the strange adventures of the animals on the Bean Farm, and children - and adults - will chuckle and thrill to the mysterious doings of the dread Ignormus, who lives in the Big Woods.

Dramatic, humorous illustrations by Kurt Wiese.

It was dark in the woods,
It was very, very scary,
But the pig trudged along,
Always watchful and wary.
The pig trudged along,
And he made a little song
(He was rather literary)
It was quite extraordinary
How he sang his little song
In a voice clear and strong.
Though its rather customary
For a pig, when something's wrong
In a forest dark and scary,
Dim and Dark and solitary.
To sneak quietly along
Not to be so very, very
Brave and bold and military.

But this pig, he was bold,
He was brave as a lion,
And he walked through the woods
Without yellin' or cryin'-

Freddy had got to this place in his song, and was indeed feeling quite bold, when he gave a yell and leaped three feet into the air... For something had jumped out of the underbrush at him.