Freddy goes to the North Pole

Freddy had an idea that the animals would like to travel, so he made himself president of Barnyard Tours, Inc. The company grew to great proportions topped by Freddy leading Chalres, Jinx, the Mesdames Wiggins and Wogus, and some others into a pack of polar problems in the Arctic regions where they visited for a while with Santa Claus.

Contented with my earthly lot,
My soul rejoicing sings
Until I gaze into the sky-
Then through my mind there rings
That saddest of all earthly thoughts:
Why do not pigs have wings?

When unimportant birds and bugs
And bats and other things
Can soar and wheel and flit, and know
The joy that flying brings-
Why is the pig denied the air?
Why do not pigs have wings?

My feet must stay upon the ground
In all my wanderings.
Yet still desire fills all my heart
With anxious questionings-
If even men have learned to fly,
Why can't this pig have wings?

"But do you really want to fly?" asked the cat.
"Fly? Goodness, no! Why should I?"
"But thats what your poem is about."
"Oh, you don't understand," said Freddy. "Thats just something I wanted in the poem, not something I really wanted. I just made myself think I wanted it so I could have something to write about."

Published in 1930, originally as More to and Again.