Freddy the Detective

Overlook Press reprint 1997

Scholastic Books

Science Research Associates printed in 1963
Illustrated by Charles Biro

A delightful detective story about the beloved animal characters on Mr. Bean's farm, whose adventures have entertained so many children. The pig, Freddy, stimulated by reading of Sherlock Holmes, sets up business as a detective.

Beginning with the disappearance of the children's train of cars which the rats steal to ride safely back and forth from their holes to the feedbox, Freddy solves a series of mysterious cases. All the animals become involved, there is a frame-up, and the climax is the great trial in the barn, where Freddy and Ferdinand the Crow are the opposing lawyers and Charles the Rooster, the judge. As Freddy says:

"Oh, I am the King of Detectives,
And when I am out on the trail,
All the animal criminals tremble,
And all the criminal animals quail,
For they know that I'll trace 'em,
and chase 'em and place 'em
Behind the strong bars of jail."