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"You!" exclaimed Henrietta to her husband Charles (the rooster). "A fine mess you've got yourself into.... You know where you'll end up, don't you? - on a platter with a lot of dumplings, that's where!"

Freddy, the porcine idol of people everywhere who like to laugh, started it all when he mixed it up with Mr. Elihu P. Margarine, a wealthy foxhunter who cared not a fig for the damaged vegetables he and his hunters left in their wake.

With the help of Cy (his steady steed who taught him to ride), Freddy rid the countryside of several menaces, a rattlesnake, Elihu Margarine, etc., and even Henrietta was happy. A stirring saga of remarkably colorful pig and his steadfast barnyard compatriots - a story unequalled in the annals of the West, East, North and South.

"Sing the one that has the yodeling in it, the serenade," said Georgie. So Freddy sang.

When the sun is gone,
(Ooly ooly hey!)
When the shadows fall,
When across the lawn
(Ooly ooly hey!)
Bugs begin to crawl,

By your window, sweet,
(La di doodle day!)
Then I strike my lute.
I look pretty neat
(La di doodle day!)
Wearing my best suit.

So I tell my love
(Ho di wowly wow!)
Underneath the moon,
Cooing like a dove,
(Ho di wowly wow!)
Slightly out of tune.

O, be mine! Be mine!
(Bungle o li bang!) Tell me I'm desired;
Give me but a sign;
(Bungle o li bang!)
I am very tired.

It is very late.
(Hi de heedle ho!)
Show me that you care
Do not make me wait:
(Hi de heedle ho!)
Throw me out a chair.

Ah, she sleeps, alas!
(Ooly ooly hey!)
Does not hear my song.
Dew is on the grass;
(Ooly ooly hey!)
Bet get along.

Silent is the lute;
(Ho di wowly wow!)
Vain my tuneful pleas.
She doesn't give a hoot.
(Ho di wowly wow!)
I am going to sneeze.

Published in 1951.