Freddy and the Flying Saucer Plans

"Freddy the pig was lounging in front of the First Animal Bank, of which he was president, when Uncle Ben raced by with his two sets of flying saucer plans--one true and one false. With spies in full pursuit, Uncle Ben was naturally looking for a safe place to hide the plans--the true ones, of course. As usual, Freddy was ready to help.

Would you believe that Freddy was a traitor to his country? Some of the animals in Centerboro did when the famous pig was locked up in jail. Freddy had decided that jail was a good place to be for a while. It gave him a chance to work out a scheme for letting the spies steal the flying saucer plans--the false ones, of course.

Any seasoned Freddy fan would expect a series of hilarious mix-ups after that, complete with complications provided by Jinx the cat, Mr. J.J. Pomeroy the robin, and other famous animals from the Bean farm--and they would not be disappointed. As usual, Freddy digs down into his disguises and comes up with a solution to the current problem--this time in the garb of a gypsy fortuneteller. Highly amusing drawings by the incomparable Kurt Wiese."

Published in 1957.