Freddy the fabulous pig takes to the air in a blaze of glory (unreflected of course)! He has learned to fly in order to defeat the dastardly schemes of Watson P. Condiment, the comic-book tycoon villain who is trying to force Mlle. Rose of Boomschmidt's Stupendous and Unexcelled Circus, to marry him.

These high flown adventures of Freddy as a dauntless and intrepid airplane pilot involve Sniffy Wilson, the skunk, Uncle Ben, inventor of the Benjamin Bean Bombsight, General Grimm of the U.S. Army - and many another of Freddy's friends and enemies. Feats of valour are all in a day's work to Freddy - even such a highly dangerous one as his secret mission in enemy territory, disguised as Lorna, the Leopard Woman!

And you thought pigs would never fly!

"Oh the young pigs fly
About the sky
And they zoom and dive and roll;
They yell and whoop
As they spin and loop
Under the sky's blue bowl.

They sing and shout
As they whiz about,
For there's elbow room in the sky;
And it's lots more fun
Up there in the sun
Than down in their stuffy sty.

Oh, the pig is bold
And when he's told
That a hurricane's on the way,
Does he turn and run?
He does like fun!
He hollers and shouts Hurray!

Oh, not a fig
Cares the fearless pig
When the thunder bangs and crashes;
Right into the heart
Of the storm he darts,
And plays tag with the lightening flashes."

On the left is a Knopf Gibraltar Library Binding and the right is a Knopf 1986 reprint.