Freddy goes Camping

Early dj from R. Novak's collection 1986 reprint Freddy flips his pancake into the tree!

Mr. Camphor enlists Freddy's aid in an attempt to rid his house of some unwelcome guests, with the result that Freddy and his friends become entangled with some extremely unfriendly ghosts in an abandoned summer hotel. When he is not mixing it up with the eerie Mr. Eha, Freddy camps out, goes canoeing, and tosses flapjacks with great aplomb.

As always Kurt Wiese's illustrations are done just the way Freddy likes them.

I can't believe Freddy is hungrily thinking of sizzling bacon!

By the old hotel at Lakeside, looking southward
'cross the sea,
There's a bright campfire a'burning, and I
know it burns for me.
For the wind is in the pine trees, and the mur-
muring needles say:
Come you back, you pig detective - come you
back to Jones's Bay;
Come you baaaack, to Jonse's Ba-a-a-ay!

Oh, the road to Jones's Bay! Where the flying
flapjacks play!
You can hear the bacon sizzling from your bed
at break of day.
On the road to Jonse's Ba-hay, we will sing and
shout hooray;
A-and when breakfast's ready, they will
bring it o-on a tray!

"Well, well," Freddy said, "I guess I'd better do something to take my mind off my stomach."

Published in 1948.