The Clockwork Twin

Freddy and Jinx meet a boy named Adoniram R. Smith who has been washed downstream during a flood. Mr. and Mrs. B. try to adopt him, since he was so unhappy living with his mean aunt and uncle. While he is living with the Beans, Uncle Benjamin Bean, a retired Clockmaker, decides to build Adoniram a friend. This mechanical boy, the Clockwork Twin, is named Bertram and looks identical to Adoniram. How will the animals succeed in keeping Adoniram from the dastardly Smiths?

Freddy admits to Jinx that this is the first poem he ever wrote:

O spring, O spring,
You wonderful thing
O spring, O spring, O spring!
O spring, O spring,
When the birdies sing
I feel like a king,
O spring!

Published in 1937.