DJ from the Novak collection

end papers

Freddy was watching the Centerboro High School football team at practice. A bit chilly, he donned the nearest sweater (one of the players'). Summoned by the coach to hop to it, Freddy went out on the field. So splendid were his blocking and tackling that the Centerboro school board found itself hard put to find anything in the by-laws about preventing pigs from enrolling as students.

In the meantime the Bean family was being victimized by one Aaron Doty. Between helping out his best friends, the Beans, and worrying about the big game between Centerboro and Tushville, Freddy had his trotters full.

Black Beard, Tush villain,
Came down to make a killin',
Came down with all his forces,
Big men and big horses;
Came down with Mr. Kurtz,
But Bill hit them where it hurts.
Black Beard, Tush villain,
Had a wife and two chillun',
Brought 'em down to see the game,
Went back sore and lame;
Went back full of aches,
Didn't have what it takes;
Went back badly beaten;
Off the mantelpiece he's eatin'.
Black Beard, the Tush-

"Ho Hum," said Jinx. "Guess I'll go hunt me up a little excitement."

"Darn it!" said Freddy. "Even when you write about them, they won't listen!"