FREDDY and the
Perilous Adventure

DJ from R. Novak 1965 reprint

1957 reprint 1957 endpapers

Strange and exciting adventures awaited Emma and Alice, the two friendly ducks, when they accepted Freddy's invitation to ride in a balloon at the Fourth of July celebration. Of course Emma wasn't sure she would enjoy it, but Freddy reassured her:

"No, you won't. Thats the funny thing about adventures. I've had my share of them, as you know, and my experience is that you're too busy to think whether you're enjoying them or not, or else you're just scared. And yet there must be something about them that you like, too, or else you wouldn't go on trying to have more. But the nice thing is afterwards...."

The "afterwards" proved nicer than even Freddy had imagined, although if Freddy and Emma and Alice and the other animals on the Bean Farm had known what really was in store for the brave participants in the Balloon Ascension they might have rermained quietly at home, listening to Freddy's poetry or to the boastful crowing of Charles.

Once again Walter Brooks has written an amusing adventure story that will delight grownups as well as children - and the many illustrations by Kurt Wiese add to the amusement.


"The fearless eagle cleaves the stormy air;
With Mighty wings he sweeps the clouds

He screams defiance at the lightning's glare,
And at the thunder's crash he laughs like

Published in 1942.