Freddy and the Men from Mars

"The trouble all started with the report in the newspaper that six little creatures, believed to be the only Martians ever to have visited the earth, had been captured singlehanded by Mr. Herbert Garble, who claimed he discovered the flying saucer in which they had landed. This news would not have disturbed Freddy, the popular pig, and the other Bean Farm animals, had not the paper further stated that their friend Mr. Boomschmidt had invited Mr. G. and his men from Mars to join Boomschmidt's Stupendous & Unexcelled Circus.

Since Mr. Garble was known to be a thoroughgoing scoundrel, Mrs. Peppercorn (whose habit of talking in rhyme seemed to be growing) expressed the sentiments of all when she said: 'If he ties up with Garble his fate will be har'ble!'

Freddy, ever ready to maintain his reputation as a detective, immediately suspected a hoax, and forthwith set out to expose it. How he did so, not only with the help of Jinx, the Horrible Ten, and many other familiar allies, but also with the aid of a band of real Martians who turned up in the very nick of time, makes one of the most hilarious of all Freddy tales, a story which is simply out of this world!"

Freddy had got to thinking what it would be like if he ever got to Mars. He wondered if he'd be homesick, and just in case he was, he composed a homesick song.

Way down upon the old home planet,
Million miles away;
I'm so homesick I can hardly stan' it;
There's where the old pigs stay.

Oh, my heart is weak as Jello
Everywhere I fly;
Oh golly, how I sob and bellow,
Far from the old home sty.

Published in 1954.