Letter From an Unsatisfied Honda Owner

The following is a message I received from a reader of my page. His letter is very interesting reading and proves two things:  Hondas aren't perfect and neither is their customer service.
Hello, my name is John Mai and I'm writing to you from Houston, TX.
Hope you don't mind, but I've cut and pasted a letter I've written to
American Honda, Gillman Honda Sharpstown (Houston) and the Better
Business Bureau.  I thought you and those who visit your site may find
this interesting and may make them think twice about buying a Honda.
I have had a few updates to my dilemma since this letter was written.  In
addition to all of these problems, my fuel sending unit in my Accord
went bad in late April (only four months after buying the car).  They
(Gillman) replaced the unit and sent my on my way.  Well, since I've
owned the car, I've only gotten about 240 miles from the 17 gallon tank.
The first time I filled up my car after the repairs were made, I
miraculously got 230 miles on a half a tank.  Needless to say, I didn't
want to risk running it any further as I was afraid that I was getting
an inaccurate reading so I filled the tank again.  This time, I only got
130 miles on the same half a tank of gas.  If you read the letter below,
you can see that at this point I was pretty peeved.  I decided to call
American Honda customer service, who if I may add, was painfully slow to
comprehend that a brand new car should not have to be taken into the
shop 7 times in the 6 months I've owned the car.  They are now claiming
that they are checking with their superiors to see what they can do, but
it has already been more than a month since I've contacted them without
any results.  I've tried to contact the General Manager a few times, but
he won't return any of my calls.  The few times I've tried to visit in
person, he has conveniently been out of the office.  Apparently he
doesn't have the time or the integrity to help a customer who had the
bad luck of purchasing a defective car from them.
Hondas are good cars in my opinion.  I happened to purchase a factory
reject.  American Honda appears that they will only stand by their
product through the good times.  If you start mentioning that their cars
are anything less than perfect, they decide to turn deaf and dumb on
you.  They won't admit that they dropped the ball on this one and will
not take the necessary steps to rectify the situation and deliver
customer satisfaction.
Please, if you can find the space and the time, include my letter
(editing is OK by me if needed) so that others will make sure that they
buy a car from a company that will be willing to help you even after you
bought the damn thing.  One more bit of advice, if you must buy a Honda
and you're in the Houston / Rosenberg area, DON'T BUY FROM GILLMAN!!
Read the letter below and you'll see how incompetent their management
and service department are!
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