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Virus Sample Submission Addresses

Ok, so lets say you suspect a certain file that you have is infected but your Anti-Virus either can't detect it or can't remove it for you. What do you do? The first thing, of course, is to try a different Anti-Virus as a different one may be able to better handle the particular virus you think you have. If another AV product can clear up your problem for you then all should be right with the world.

But using multiple Anti-Virus programs has a catch - if only some detect a virus and others say your system is clean (and none can fix the problem) how do you know which are producing correct reports and which are giving false reports? How do you know if whatever viruses are said to be there really are there? Answer: You don't. For that you will need the assistance of Anti-Virus companies who have skilled staff on-hand capable of determining viruses from non-viruses.

Lastly, you may simply not wish to go to the bother of trying out a brand new Anti-Virus product, in which case you can forget about that and go directly to those skilled staffers.

Compress a file you suspect of being infected with PKZip or WinZip and send it as an attached file to one of the addresses below:

Another option you have is to use one of these free on-line scanners to scan suspect files or your entire system, depending on the scanner, while you're connected to the Internet.

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